Denver International Airport Construction and Operating Costs

Cost of Denver International Airport (1) Dollars in millions
Category                                                          Cost
------------------------------------------------------------  --------
Cost to Denver Airport System
 Construction                                                   $3,004
 Airport planning and land                                         261
 Capitalized interest                                              915
 Bond discounts                                                     43
 Total cost to Denver Airport System                             4,223
Cost to others
 FAA's facilities and equipment                                    199
 United Airlines' special facilities                               261
 Continental Airlines' special facilities                           73
 Rental car facilities                                              66
 Total cost to others                                              599
Total costs of Denver International Airport                     $4,822
Source:  Based on information from the City and FAA. 

DIA's Estimated Operations and Maintenance Costs for Fiscal Year 1996 (2)
by Cost Category
Cost category                                           Estimated cost
--------------------------------------------------  ------------------
Personnel                                                  $44,125,000
Cleaning                                                    20,648,000
Utilities                                                   19,438,000
Supplies and materials                                       9,681,000
Repairs and maintenance                                      8,374,000
Professional services                                        8,099,000
Police                                                       7,726,000
City interfund services                                      7,014,000
Stapleton International Airport                              5,749,000
Underground train                                            5,662,000
Variable rate bond fees                                      5,142,000
Aircraft rescue and fire fighting                            5,012,000
Management fees                                              4,001,000
Shuttle bus services                                         3,120,000
De-icing facility management fee                             2,027,000
Other contractual services                                   1,431,000
Fuel line fill-up                                              985,000
Miscellaneous                                                  455,000
Total                                                     $158,689,000
Source:  DIA data as of June 1, 1995.  GAO examined all budget
estimates exceeding $1 million and concluded they were reasonable. 

Source: (1)Denver International Airport: Information on Selected Financial Issues General Accounting Office (Letter Report, 09/18/95, GAO/AIMD-95-230). (2) Denver Airport: Operating Results and Financial Risks General Accounting Office, (Letter Report, 02/09/96, GAO/AIMD-96-27). Full text of reports available from General Accounting Office (GAO) Reports

For additional information, consult the DIA Home Page

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