About Colorado by the Numbers


What is CBN:

Colorado by the Numbers is a growing collection of statistics about the State of Colorado. This web site includes data from state agencies which has been converted to electronic format and edited versions of federal publications that are available on the Internet and/or as CD-ROM products. In addition, the site contains annotated links to statistics about Colorado that are available on state and federal websites.

Scope and geographic coverage:

The focus of this online statistical abstract is state and county level data but where only state level information is available the mountain states are included for comparison. Some of the data in Colorado by the Numbers is available on a county level.

What CBN contains:

Each statistical dataset includes notes and source information and, where possible, links to additional data. Colorado by the Numbers also links to information sources on state-wide resources such as the Access Colorado Library and Information Network (ACLIN) and federal Web servers.

Who produces and maintains CBN?

Margaret Jobe and Deborah Hollis developed and edit this online project with seed money awarded by the Colorado State Library and Adult Education Office (SLAEO). Both Jobe and Hollis are Assistant Professors in the Government Publications Library at the University of Colorado at Boulder. Craig Smith, Professional Research Assistant (PRA) in the Government Publications Library, and Robert Richards, Technical Services Librarian, University of Colorado College of Law, have assisted in preparing HTML files for this web site.

How was CBN funded?

The Colorado State Library and Adult Education Office (SLAEO) won a $2.49 million dollar grant from the U.S. Department of Education and the U.S. Department of Commerce, National Telecommunications and Information Administration in the fall of 1994. As a result SLAEO was able to expand the Access Colorado Library and Information Network (ACLIN), the statewide electronic library network. ACLIN approached the Government Publications Library at UC Boulder for assistance with providing access to Colorado state publications via the World Wide Web.

Beyond CBN - Additional resources:

For additional statistics and information about Colorado, consult the Colorado Data Book.

Future development:

For information on changes and additions to Colorado by the Numbers check our What's New page on a regular basis.

A short Powerpoint presentation is available.

Similar sites in Colorado:

DenverSTATS (Denver Public Library) "Inspired by and modeled on Colorado By the Numbers, the Web edition of DenverSTATS TM includes many of the same links to city, state and federal data, only at the county instead of the state level."

Initiatives from Other States

Counting California--"A new initiative committed to enhancing California citizens' access to the growing range of social science and economic data produced by government agencies." From the California Digital Library and the Library of California.

INSIDE Idaho--a cooperative project of the University of Idaho, federal and state agencies, and local communities, provides numeric and geospatial data about that state.


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