Leeds School of Business

University of Colorado Boulder

David Brown

Finance • PhD - Student

Koelbel S442


David C. Brown is a Ph.D. Candidate in Finance expecting to graduate in 2014. His research is in corporate finance, IPOs, institutional investors, market microstructure and financial and real options. His research has been supported by grants and fellowships from the NASDAQ OMX Education Foundation Group, Inc., American Finance Association, Leeds School of Business and the University of Colorado Graduate School. He has been recognized for excellence in teaching at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Prior to joining academia, David worked in both the debt and equity markets, including a high frequency proprietary trading firm and a major US equity exchange.

Research Interests

IPO underpricing, price feedback, institutional investors, corporate finance, market microstructure, and real and financial options

Working Paper Topics

Dissertation: Investing in Security Price Informativeness: The Role of IPO Underpricing

Dark Pool Exclusivity Matters – with Leslie Boni and J. Chris Leach

Simple Intuition Gone Awry: Combining Real and Financial Options in Tax Elections – with J. Chris Lea

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