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Antonio Papuzza

Instructor • Management & Entrepreneurship

Koelbel 412


Antonio Papuzza is currently an Instructor in the Leeds School of Business at CU-Boulder where he teaches courses in International Business & Management. Antonio also works as a business consultant, using a business-anthropological approach (cross cultural management, cross-cultural training, intercultural business communication, and cultural mediation) for multinational companies, world organizations, and international institutions. He also helps local and national companies to improve their business (business analysis, corporate culture assessment/development, leadership, communication, sales training, and mediation/negotiation.) Some of the clients who have worked recently with Antonio are: Pearson Prentice Hall, Lemco MICS (Harley Davidson partner), and Ericsson America.

Prior to Leeds, Antonio was a Business Instructor in Business Anthropology with CU Continuing Educations, area Professional Development, for a group of senior entrepreneurs and business people in Colorado.

Prior to CU, Antonio worked in a number of international business consulting, cultural mediation, and language services projects between Europe and the USA (CEO International, Rosetta Stone, Artsana group, WHO, WWF, International House World Organization, Rosebud Sioux Lakota Sicangu Nation, City of Palermo/Italian Government, etc.). Prior to that, he worked in sales and marketing with the European network GLS (General Logistic System) for 2 years and consulted in advertising, including creating TV ads in Italy. Other lives also include working as a freelance business consultant and coach for 5 years, owning a business in food and wine distribution in Italy, and co-founding a nonprofit organization that has operated internationally.

Antonio holds a doctorate in Anthropological Sciences (research in Economic/Business Anthropology and modern ethnography) from the University of Florence, Italy (2006) and a bachelors degree in Natural Sciences (with honor), major in Holistic Studies (Interdisciplinary Natural Science Studies), with a specialization in Protection of Nature and Management of its Resources) from the University of Palermo, Italy (2002). This was awarded after an extracurricular year at the University of Granada, Spain, on an Erasmus scholarship award. Antonio also holds an international certification, recognized by the Italian government, to teach “Italian language and culture” which he has done, as an instructor and as consultant, in a variety of countries and organizations within both business and academic contexts.

International Business Club

IBC Vision

The International Business Club helps to prepare students for success within international business.

IBC Mission

The International Business Club provides its members with international business opportunities by exposing students to speakers, experiences, tools, and information from the international business world.

IBC Values

Cultural diversity, global mindset, international experience

IBC Main Events

Fall: International Business Panel

Spring: International Business Etiquette Dinner


The IBC meets every other week (every week if you are part of the board). During meetings you will have a chance to meet with speakers who have international business experience, participate to workshops focused on international careers, apply for international internships, learn more about study abroad programs, share your experience, and, more importantly make your personal contribution to the club through one of the many opportunities that the club offers.


Leadership positions are always offered depending on needs of the club and background of their members. These experiences have been proved to be very beneficial to students who have joined the club (jobs, internships, and international accomplishments).

International Business Coffee Hour

What Is It?

IBCH is a weekly social time when students can meet with me and each other to learn how to build and practice their RF skills.


The business world is made up of two different business cultures: DF and RF. DF (deal focused) cultures are usually found in North America, Northern Europe, Australia, South Africa, and a few other areas of the planet. These business people focus on the task during any business transactions or, more in general, during any work context. On the other hand, RF (relationship focused) cultures are usually found in most of Asia, most of Africa, Southern Europe, South and Central America. These business people focus on building a relationship first.

How Does It Work?

I buy coffee to students (limited to 10 coffees per time) and we share thoughts and experiences from our lives – whatever we feel comfortable with. The only rule is that you can’t talk about course topics or work issues. If you want to discuss that, then come to see me during regular office hours.

Where and When Is It?

It is every Friday from 2 to 3 PM at the Trep Café at Leeds.

Who Can Come?

This opportunity is open to all Leeds students. You don’t have to be enrolled in one of my courses. You can bring your friends too.


One of the main reasons why some American business people fail abroad is because they don’t know how to do business with RF people. Most of the planet works in an RF way. I believe that one of my responsibilities and goals as a business instructor at Leeds is to share my experience in international business. I do this (IBCH) as one more way to teach students how to be successful in business.


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First year global experience

International Business Certificate

MGMT 4825: Negotiations and Conflict Management

BCOR 2300: Fundamentals of Management

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