New National Tribal Law Clerk Program Collaboration Aid Law Students

September 5, 2007

The new National Tribal Law Clerk Program (NTLCP) is a collaborative project of the National American Indian Court Judges Association, Colorado Law’s American Indian Law Program, and the National Native American Indian Law Students Association to match tribal court judges and justices with

Professor Weiser Talks About Impact of FCC Changes to Wireless Rules

August 30, 2007

 The Federal Communications Commission adopted new rules that will change the way we communicate in a wireless world. The FCC changed its rules as part of an upcoming auction of valuable UHF spectrum once used for analogue television broadcasting.

Professor Peppet Trains Mentors for At-Risk Youth at Good Will

August 29, 2007

Professor Scott Peppet conducted a training session today for the Good Will organization's mentoring program. Provides Free Searchable Database of U.S. Court Decisions -- Joint Effort of Columbia and Colorado Law Schools

August 23, 2007

Aiming to make federal case law fast and easy to search, more accessible to the public – and free – Columbia Law School and the Colorado Law have launched a new Web site, AltLaw, which has the potential to dramatically change the national landscape of case law resources.AltLaw contain

Natural Resources Law Center_s Report on Climate Change and Its Impact on Native Peoples Sent to Congress

August 23, 2007

Native Communities and Climate Change: Protecting Tribal Resources as Part of National Climate Policy is a new report researched and prepared by the Law School’s Natural Resources Law Center and was funded by the Turner Foundation.

Professor Schmitz and David Blower _07 Win Sandgrund Award

August 17, 2007

Last year, the Sandgrund Award for Best Consumer Rights Work was created with an endowment from Colorado Law alumnus Ron Sandgrund ('82). There are separate cash awards for faculty and student authors.

Commemorative Brick Patio Celebration

August 9, 2007

In the Gilbert Goldstein Plaza at the front entrance of the new Wolf Law Building, is an area of commemorative bricks with inscriptions from alumni, faculty and staff, and friends of the Law School. Yesterday, we celebrated the brick patio, including the large grill donated by the Class of 1999.

Elsa Martinez Tenreiro '89 Elected President of Denver Bar Association

August 2, 2007

Elsa Martinez Tenreiro became president of the Denver Bar Association on July 1st. Elsa received her B.A. from the University of Colorado at Denver and her J.D. from the University of Colorado Law School in 1989. She went on to be an associate with Pepe J.

Faculty Receive Awards and Distinctions from Legal Library Community

July 31, 2007

A number of our faculty have received awards and recognition recently--for scholarship, association elections, photos, and websites.Professor Barbara Bintliff is among the group of authors contributing to the two-volume work Prestatehood Legal Materials: A Fifty-State Research Guide, Including Ne

Arraj Reading Room Dedication

July 27, 2007

Last night, guests, including alumni and former law clerks of Judge Arraj, remembered the Judge and celebrated the opening of the beautiful Judge Alfred A. Arraj Reading Room in the William A. Wise Law Library. Al Arraj earned his LL.B. degree in 1928 from the University of Colorado.