Summer jobs

98% of the classes of 2015 and 2016 had substantive legal or law related jobs in the summer of 2014.


Colorado Law ranked 10th in the nation in 2013 for graduates employed in state court clerkships.

Class of 2013

Colorado Law ranked 24th in the nation for class of 2013 graduates employed in any JD required or JD advantage posit

Class of 2014

93% (154 students) of the Class of 2014 reported employment ten months after graduation (Mar. 15, 2015).

Class of 2014

12% of employed graduates accepted judicial clerkships. Two were federal court clerkships, 6 were state appellate court clerkships, and 11 were state trial court clerkships.

Class of 2014

79% (130/165) of 2014 graduates reported a full-time, year or more job that required bar passage or for which a JD was an advantage.

Class of 2014

70% (115/165) of graduates reported a full-time, long-term job for which bar passage was required.

Class of 2014

The private sector median salary was $80,000, the public sector median salary was $50,000, and the private practice (law firm) median salary was $85,000.

Class of 2017

Our Class of 2017's credentials exemplify the high caliber of our students with a median LSAT score of 161 and a median undergraduate GPA of 3.62.

Summer fellowships

In Summer 2014, 56 students received Summer Fellowship stipends at Colorado Law through its student groups and donor gifts, for public interest work with government agencies and non-profits in Colorado, nationally and internationally.  Stipend amounts ranged between $2,000 and $3,000.