Patent Production

Boulder was named one of the five most productive patent-producing communities, per capita, in the nation. (Brookings Institution - 2013)


Colorado was rated the second highest state for overall well-being. (USA Today - 2012)

Brain Trust

Boulder is the most educated metro area. (US Bureau of Labor and Statistics - 2011)

Smiles All Around

Boulder is the happiest city in America. (Gallup - 2011)

Creativity City

Boulder is the #1 most creative city (The Daily Beast - 2012)

Live Well

Boulder ranked #1 in Forbes' "Top 25 Towns to Live Well." (Forbes - 2009)

Brains and Beauty

Boulder is ranked as America's Brainiest City. (Huffington Post - 2010)

Always an Adventure

Boulder is one of America's best adventure towns. (National Geographic - 2012)

The Best of the Best

Boulder is the #1 college town in the nation. (Livability.com - 2011)

Good Eats

Boulder was ranked the #1 foodiest town by Bon Appetit. (Bon Appetit - 2010)