David Wolf ('01)

Careers In House Profiles Dec '12

CIO and Managing Principal, BSW Wealth Partners

Originally drawn to law school because he perceived it as the "liberal arts" of graduate education and a perfect complement to his MBA, David Wolf is now Chief Investment Officer and Managing Principal at BSW Wealth Partners, an independent wealth advisory firm which manages $650 million across a broad spectrum of asset classes. "As CIO, I lead BSW's investment group, set firm economic policy, and make investment decisions. As COO, I lead BSW's strategic efforts and guide firm-level business decisions."

Q. Why did you go to law school? In my opinion, law school is the "liberal arts" of graduate education. Further, I was a JD/MBA student and viewed both my law and business education as inextricably linked. Business school provided both team-based and technical skills, along with exposure/networking. Law school develops and demonstrates ones capacity to understand and address multifaceted issues and decisions.

Q. Tell us about your current work. I enjoy leading an outstanding organization composed of exceptional people – building a company that enables our clients and our people to live the lives to which they aspire.

Q. What about Colorado Law helped prepare you for the position? My most important experiences at Colorado law were courses with outstanding professors (Oesterle, Lowenstein, Gazur), including those on topics that have little/nothing to do with my current profession (Getches, Wilkinson).

Q. Tell us about your professional networking experiences? Don't go out and try to "network." Just make a consistent, genuine effort to meet interesting, thoughtful, and action-oriented people.

Q. If you could go back and do something different in law school, what would it be? I would not have stressed so much about grades.

Q. What final piece of advice do you have for current and prospective law students? Define the outcome you are working to in excruciating detail. If you do that, you should know what to focus on – the actions that generate results. If you focus on effective actions that generate real, measurable results, you can accomplish more by doing less.