Summer 2013 Letter from Dean Weiser

Dear Colorado Law Alumni and Friends,

Over the last two years, as we have developed our Colorado Law Action Plan, we have looked for different ways to engage and support our current students and graduates. As many of you have remarked to me, the changes now taking place in the legal profession are creating a “New Normal,” where traditional employers (law firms, companies, and governmental entities) are all under pressure to do more with less. For younger alumni in particular, this makes for a challenging and often scary environment.

For us at Colorado Law, we want to do everything we can to support you during this changing and challenging time for the profession. For starters, we are working to understand these changes and we take seriously our opportunity and obligation to be a platform for thought leadership on the state of the profession. More fundamentally, our revamped Career Development Office is here for all alumni, providing career counseling, connections to successful professionals, and a range of job listings. Whether you are in a position to pay it forward by helping others, or whether you need our help, please be in touch with Todd Rogers, our Assistant Dean for Career Development, at He is truly top notch.

As you all know well, the Colorado Law community is a powerful force and the mutual support that you all can and do provide to one another is more important now than ever. Our alumni operation, now headed up by our Assistant Dean for Outreach, Engagement, and Alumni Relations, Marci Fulton (’04), will be holding regular events over the years ahead to bring you together, with Homecoming and Reunions being just one notable opportunity. If you have ideas about such opportunities or would like to assist by sponsoring or planning an event, you can reach out to Marci directly at Moreover, in the years to come, we will be making a special effort to reach out to you all to create an updated directory so you can find one another; stay tuned for more details on that front.

Finally, we want to continue providing meaningful and valuable programming to you all. To that end, we have set out below a range of upcoming events that provide food for thought (and often actual food), CLE credits, and a chance to engage with other alumni and friends of Colorado Law. I would welcome the chance to see you there. Moreover, I would welcome any feedback you have about how we can better serve you and support our students in a challenging environment. Despite those challenges, I am sold on how the talented Colorado Law students and alumni can and will find opportunities in the New Normal. Indeed, that confidence and excitement is why I feel so privileged to be your Dean.


Phil Weiser