Prospective Students


The Elevate program is such a goldmine for all language teachers! 

~Leigh, Elevate student

This course has truly opened my mind to utilizing technology to modify my lessons. 

~Amanda, Elevate student

How do you come up with these (courses)! You are amazing! I love this program! 

~Leigh, Elevate student

I knew I would get a lot out of the class, but I had no idea how much fun I would have!  

~Amanda, Elevate student

The absolute best part of the course was the collaboration and inspiration that I have gained through our discussions. 

~Ali, Elevate Student

 My journey of using educational technology over the past nine months has been fun, fascinating, satisfying, and curious. During the past nine months my feelings of self-efficacy relating to technology integration have become more and more positive. I attribute this to taking Elevate courses and changing my mindset toward technology.  

~Amy, Elevate Student