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IT Knowledge for Academic Success

KnowIT Design

The KnowIT program is designed as a sequence of steps, with students being able to enter the program at any point. The first step of the program is knowledge: making students aware of the information technology resources available to them. The orientation and survival skills sessions allow students to gain this knowledge.

The second step of the KnowIT program includes a digital literacy session that students can take that will assist them in taking advantage of utilizing these technology services.

The final step in the KnowIT program is gaining pratical skills. Students can learn and enhance their information technology skill-set by attending instructor-led Computing Quick Classes or by logging into the Computer Based Training (CBT) tool. All of these are offeredat no-cost to the student.

The Role of ITS

Information Technology Services (ITS), the main sponsor of CU Students knowIT program. Information Technology Services (ITS) is the primary information-technology provider on the CU-Boulder campus, with services for telephony, media, computing and networking. Our mission is to provide and promote information-technology services that support the mission of the Campus and provide leadership for the changing information-technology environment.

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KnowIT Roadmap

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