Research in Jewish Studies: How, What, Why?

Student Discussion


The Program in Jewish Studies has received an Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP) grant to support our new undergraduate research program, Research in Jewish Studies: How, What, Why?.

This program will acquaint undergraduate students with the skills to conduct high level, independent, and interdisciplinary research and synthesize their findings into a successful final project. Participation in the program will provide a valuable opportunity for our undergraduate students to enhance their learning experience at the university, improve their ability to create and execute original research, and impress both future employers and potential graduate school admissions committees. The program will run through the Spring 2017 semester.

What the Program Entails:

  1. Students are expected to choose and complete a research project in the Humanities, Fine Arts and/or Social Sciences, which must involve Jewish Studies and the use of primary and secondary sources. This may be a continuation of a previous paper from fall semester, or a paper project from a class this spring. The research may have a creative component to it such as photography, creative writing, and performance art, among others.  Students will be expected to keep a journal with brief entries about the steps they are taking in their research, and they will meet a few times during the semester with Dr. Zilla Goodman to discuss their progress.
  2. Students will attend a presentation by Jewish Studies faculty members who will speak about their own research and explain how they go about it. Students will have an opportunity to ask faculty about their methodologies, sources, and other research-related matters. This presentation will take place March 2, 2017 @ 12:30PM - 2:00PM in Eaton Humanities Library, 350.
  3. Students will participate in a field trip to the Post-Holocaust American Judaism archive in Norlin Library, led by Professor Nan Goodman, Director of the Program in Jewish Studies and of the Post-Holocaust American Judaism Collections. Students will learn about how archives function and how to conduct archival research. Date to be determined.
  4. On May 2, 2017, students will present their research project at the Jewish Studies End-Of-Year Showcase.


All undergraduate students from the University of Colorado, Boulder are eligible to participate in the program. Students interested in participating in Research in Jewish Studies: How, What, Why?, please contact Dr. Zilla Goodman at by Wednesday, March 1, 2017.

Research in Jewish Studies: How, What, Why? has been made possible by CU Boulder’s Special Undergraduate Enrichment Program.