Declare a Major or Minor

 Ready to become a Major or Minor in Jewish Studies?

We have resources for you!

Congratulations on deciding to join our growing academic community! We are excited to provide you with dynamic classes, outstanding faculty, and professional development opportunities to help you towards getting that dream job after graduation!

To become a Major or Minor in Jewish Studies, you need to declare with our academic advisor, Michael Lynn. Michael is available for Major or Minor declaration during his open hours in University Club 209. He will help you through the process of fulfilling your major or minor requirements and advise you on courses.

 Not quite sure? Want to learn more?

Please visit our Executive Director, Meghan Zibby! She can answer any questions you have about the Major or Minor and provide you with information on current student opportunities offered by the Program. Please visit us in the Program in Jewish Studies main office, University Club A3.

 Taken a lot of Jewish Studies classes? 

You might have a minor already!

Many students don't realize how close they are to fulfilling a Jewish Studies Major or Minor (those interdisciplinary classes go a long way!). If you think that you might be close to fulfilling a Major or Minor, DON'T MISS OUT! Declare with Deanna to get that sweet extra endorsement on your diploma!