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Representatives from each department on campus who act as local points of contact for computing and networking support in their departments. These representatives provide an integral link between ITS and each department on campus.

IT Support Community Event

For information, including upcoming and previous events go to www.colorado.edu/its/supportcommunity/

What is Tier 2 Computing Support Representative (CSR) program?

The Tier 2 Computing Support Representative (CSR) program is a new initiative on the Boulder campus. This program involves one person per department on the Boulder campus who will act as the liaison between ITS and their respective department. It is required that each department has a Tier 2 Representative, though the level and commitment of each is up to the individual departments. See below for the level and what is expected of a Representative at each level.

Who is in the Tier 2 Computing Support Representative (CSR) program?

Computing Support Representatives are identified by their department (usually through the Telecommunications Liaison) as the person who should play this role. Every level of technical skill is represented within the CSR community-from the very basic understanding to the very technical knowledge. There are classified and unclassified staff, faculty, and students who are CSRs for their departments.

Three Levels of Tier 2 Computing Support Representatives (CSR)

Every CSR begins as an Associate. Expectations of Associates are simply to forward emails from ITS to your department as needed.

After going through some classroom and online training, a CSR can become a Certified Associate. Certified Associates are expected to understand the difference between a computer or network that is working correctly and those that are not working correctly. Certified Associates call the IT Service Center at 303-735-HELP (5-4357 from an on-campus phone) and will be recognized by the IT Service Center agent as Certified Associates, thus bypassing some initial questions.

If a CSR decides to go through additional training on top of that required for the Certified Associate role, they can become a Certified Partner. The main perk to becoming a Certified Partner is access to Supportworks. Supportworks is the workflow tool that ITS uses to track cases and work being done on those cases. With access to this tool, a Certified Partner can launch a case directly into the ITS workflow system, completely bypassing the IT Service Center. This is possible because after the more extensive training, Certified Partners can not only tell when a computer or network is or is not working correctly, they can perform the first level of troubleshooting themselves.

If you are interested in hearing more about becoming certified through the Tier 2 CSR program please contact help@colorado.edu

Classroom Training Modules required for Certification

  • ITS Orientation
  • IT Basics
  • Customer Support Training
  • Supportworks (Partners only)

You can check out a description of the classroom modules, see the available times, and register at the following site, www.colorado.edu/its/supptrain/

Computer Based Training (offered through SkillSoft)

These courses are online modules, intended to offer a great variety of computer and networking classes. Taking SkillSoft courses is not required unless you are interested in being certified. You need your IdentiKey login and password to go to this site.

For more information see www.colorado.edu/its/cbt/

Getting Help
LeCarla Gilmere
303-735-4357 (5-HELP from on-campus)

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