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Tier 2 Computing Support Representative (CSR) Associate Certification



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Certified Associates Training

After going through some classroom and online training, a Computing Support Representative (CSR) can become a Certified Associate. Certified Associates are expected to understand the difference between a computer or network that is working correctly and those that are not working correctly. Certified Associates call the IT Service Center at 303-735-HELP (5-4357 from an on-campus phone) and will be recognized by the IT Service Center agent as Certified Associates, thus bypassing some initial questions.

ITS Sponsored Classroom Training

Register through www.colorado.edu/its/supptrain/

  1. ITS Orientation (a prerequisite to the following two classes)
  2. IT Customer Support Training
  3. IT Basics


For questions regarding Certification, please contact LeCarla Gilmere, help@colorado.edu.

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