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Spring 2011

Spring 2011 Edition

About One On One with ITS

New Services & Project Updates


ITS Website Redesign

ITS Website Redesign As was reported in the fall 2010 One-on-One, ITS has embarked on a project to redesign the ITS website. ITS teamed up with University Communications to develop a content-management managed site and the project team is now migrating content to the new site. The new site is expected to go live in late June but you can get a sneak peak of it now by going to Watch for updates about the ITS website redesign on the ITS homepage at


ITS Project Report Now Online

In order for Information Technology Services (ITS) to provide the CU-Boulder campus with innovative, customer-focused IT support and core IT services, projects are a continually realized, researched, planned, and implemented. The project report provides a glimpse of ITS’ current work.

The project report is updated every two weeks and includes a selection of projects with campus impact that are currently in progress. If you have questions about any of the projects, please contact the respective project manager listed in the report at


The Move to Microsoft Exchange

The move from CULink to an all-new messaging and collaboration service, Microsoft Exchange, is continuing to move forward for faculty and staff who have chosen to move early with the help of their own Computer Support Representatives (CSRs). These self-supported migrations will continue until testing is completed for tools that will facilitate large-scale migrations.

These large-scale migration tools are expected to be ready sometime during the summer break. At that time departments, in coordination with their CSRs, will be offered a variety of migration methods and timeframes, including self-initiated and ITS-supported, in order to tailor the migrations to each individualís needs and preferences. Migrations from CULink will continue through the summer and fall semesters, likely not concluding until sometime in the spring 2012 semester in order to accommodate a variety of scheduling needs.

Migrations take place overnight between 10 pm and 7 am the following morning, throughout which the migrants e-mail account is accessible with only brief disconnects while the account is in migration. Any in-bound or out-bound e-mail messages sent during these disconnects are delivered after the account migration completes. The vast majority of feedback from those who have already migrated to Exchange has been overwhelmingly positive. Many have cited the relative ease of the migration process and others are appreciating the wide range of calendaring features offered by Exchange.

The new Exchange service includes e-mail, calendar, contact and task management functions for both desktop clients, such as Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Entourage, and for a web based client called Outlook Web Access. For those who use Apple Mail or Thunderbird, Exchange 2007 allows e-mail access using IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) connections. Everyone is given one gigabyte of storage to begin with, but customers can request more storage if necessary. Student employees will be given accounts on Exchange when requested by a department.

To stay abreast of Microsoft Exchange migration plans and learn more about what the service provides, go to


Student Messaging and Calendaring

Student e-mail accounts are moving off CULink to a Microsoft messaging and collaboration service too. Through an evaluation and survey process facilitated by our campus student government, students chose Microsoft’s Live@edu communication and collaboration service from a field of third-party offerings. Retiree and alumni accounts will also be hosted on the Microsoft service which will be branded as Buffalo Mail for our campus.

Many of those who are involved in the development, testing and support for the Microsoft Exchange migration effort are also working to develop, test and support the student service. This has presented challenges to achieve planned deployment dates for both projects; however, the project team is currently developing the support structure and migration plan for Buffalo Mail with the desire to begin migrations this summer.

Significant work still lies ahead for both e-mail and calendaring projects, but the end result will be e-mail and calendaring services with increased functionality, updated web user interfaces and less operational overhead for the university—changes everyone can look forward to.


Identifying and Protecting Private Data through New “Identity Finder” Tool

The CU-Boulder IT Security Office is providing faculty, staff and student employees a new tool that they can use to identify unsecured private information on their computers. Identity Finder, a tool provided at no-cost to you, scans the content of your computer files and alerts you if any of your private information may be easily-accessible (e.g. social security numbers or credit card numbers). This alert allows you to securely delete or protect this data to avoid others accessing it in the event of a virus or theft. You are responsible for protecting sensitive information. Related policies, more information, and step-by-step instructions for download are available on at


ITS Quick Start: Your Launching Point into IT Services at CU-Boulder

Did you know that ITS and campus partners have developed a program with the goal of helping you efficiently tap into a comprehensive suite of IT services offered on the CU-Boulder campus? It's called ITS Quick Start and you can find a wealth of helpful documentation tailored for faculty, staff and students at

The site includes links to resources that will help you quickly get up to speed with critical campus services such as CULink, Exchange, IdentiKey, CULearn and also includes recommendations for hardware and software.

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