Motor Behavior Laboratory

TB1 101

phone: 303-492-7561

Research Interests

  • The control and coordination of human movement with an emphasis on bimanual and upper extremity coordination.

  • How information feedback affects motor skill learning.

  • How the focus of attention affects neuromuscular control.


  • Directors: David E. Sherwood, Ph.D.

  • Graduate Student Assistant: Keith Lohse.

  • Undergraduate Student Assistants: Jennifer Mijer, Taylor Nystrom.

Back row (left to right): Ross Blahnik, Dr. Sherwood, Keith Lohse, Colton Jackson.
Front row (left to right): Kelly Klein, Brian Buffell, Jennifer Mijer, Jennifer Tschoepe, Jordana Saliman, Jessica Fosler.

Current Research Projects

  • Spatial assimilation effects in overlapping and sequential bimanual movements. To determine whether spatial assimilations can be modulated by offsetting bimanual movements in time.

  • How the focus of attention influences neuromuscular control and movement accuracy.

  • Random and blocked practice schedules and error detection mechanisms in rapid movement.

  • How information feedback influences motor learning.

  • The effect of visual feedback on the control of rapid sequential movements.

Opportunities for Undergraduates

  • Contact Dr. Sherwood for research opportunities (UROP, URAP, BA/MS Program, Independent Study). All interested students are encouraged to contact me.

  • Any students pursuing Honors in the lab are required to take IPHY 4740, Theory of Motor Skill Learning or IPHY 3660, Dynamics of Motor Learning.


Recent Publications


  • Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program, University of Colorado at Boulder.