Research in Integrative Physiology

Research Laboratories

Research in the Department spans the entire discipline of physiology, from the genetics of behavioral traits to the assessment of human performance. There are 19 research laboratories in the Department and each laboratory is directed by one member of the faculty. Use the menu of laboratory names at right, or the listings by faculty name below. A searchable page of all recent publications is also available.

Participating in Research

  • Undergraduate students can participate in several ways, from becoming a subject (see below) to conducting research with or without academic credit. Consult the laboratory links above to find out the specific requirements for becoming an undergraduate researcher in each lab. See the undergraduate research page for more information about your academic options for getting involved with research.
  • Volunteer research subjects are recruited from the general population as specific needs arise in studies of human subjects. Opportunities to become a research subject may be posted on the laboratory web pages; those that often need subjects for a study are: Integrative Physiology of Aging, Integrative Vascular Biology, Locomotion, Neurophysiology of Movement, Sleep and Chronobiology, and Sleep and Development. You can also check with Marsha Cook ( in Clare 113 for a list of laboratories currently in need of human subjects.