Undergraduate TAs and Interns for Human Anatomy Lab

If you are interested in being an undergraduate teaching assistant (UGTA) or a dissecting intern for the Human Anatomy Lab course (IPHY 3415), here is what you need to know:

Application Guidelines

The following applies to both UGTA and dissecting intern applications:

  • Applications may be submitted at any time.
  • Applicants must be able to commit to their availability when applying.
  • Applicants must have at least a "B" to apply.
  • Students currently enrolled in anatomy lab may apply. Students with an "A-" or higher may apply after 2 exam scores are posted to D2L. All other current students must have at least 3 exam scores posted to D2L to be considered.
  • UGTA and dissecting intern selections will be completed by the end of the first week of registration for the subsequent semester.
  • Applicants who are offered positions will be contacted via the email or phone number provided in their application.

Dissecting Intern

  • This position is for students who want involvement with cadaver dissection, but without a teaching role. If you have been an anatomy UGTA in the past, and would like more dissecting experience, this position may be right for you. Alternatively, if you have merely completed IPHY 3415 and want to learn about dissection, this may be a good fit for you as well.
  • You will work with one of the lead dissector Instructors, Heidi Bustamante, Ruth Heisler, or Leif Saul.
  • All dissection (with rare exceptions) takes place on Fridays, and you will need to commit to block(s) of time totalling 3 hours per week.
  • You will earn 1 credit hour. The course number will be IPHY 2910 or 4930, depending on your year in college.
  • Your grade is based on following instructions, making a good effort to learn proper technique, coooperating with the dissecting team, and working the designated hours.
  • To apply, fill out the UGTA/Internship Application.

Undergraduate TA

  • You will be enrolled in IPHY 3010-801: Teaching in Integrative Physiology, which is a 2 credit course. You can enroll in this up to three times (for 6 credits total).
  • There are two categories of UGTA in this course. In general, Teaching UGTAs teach one lab section (with a graduate TA partner) and attend preparatory meetings Fridays 2-3 pm. Cadaver specialist UGTAs perform assigned dissections on the cadaver, attend graduate TA meeting at Noon, give the teaching UGTAs a tour of structures during the F 2-3 meetings, and have a prep meeting with their dissection instructor (Steve Hobbs) each week.
  • Please confirm the prep meeting time when you apply to be a UGTA. You must attend the preparatory review meetings in order to participate as a UGTA. If you cannot attend the designated review, you will not be allowed to be an undergrad TA.
  • Meeting times may vary. See the current application form (below) for the latest information. Summer teaching is organized differently.
  • Your grade is based on (depending on the type of UGTAship) attendance at labs and review sessions, preparation, interaction with ALL of the students, ability to communicate well with the students, carrying out the assigned work, etc.
  • Teaching UGTAs are also invited to assist with cadaver dissection, although this is not required for them.
  • You can participate during Spring, Summer Session A, or Fall semester.
  • To apply for a UGTA position, fill out the UGTA/Internship Application.
  • Current deadlines: For the summer and fall semesters, UGTA selections and notifications will be made April 15th through 17th.