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Senior class gives back
by Dana Silva, sophomore, School of Journalism and Mass Communication

Graduation is fast approaching for the class of 2009. Soon the grads will enter into the world armed with skills learned and earned at CU. Each year since 1990, the graduating class has offered a senior class gift as a thank you for the preparation CU-Boulder has provided. This year, the 2009 senior class gift is comprised of the Norlin Library Plaza Renovation Project, the Senior Class Legacy Ball and the Senior Class Norlin Endowment Scholarship.

The Norlin Library Plaza renovation project is a complete reconstruction of Norlin Library’s East side plaza, where the sundial is located. The plan is to install a new foundation meant to be more sustainable and economically sound. Also, a new seating area including tables, chairs, power outlets and a water feature will be provided for students. The senior class will be recognized for their gift with engraved sandstone squares around the pavement. The three-month project will begin after graduation in May.

The second part of the gift funded the third annual Senior Class Legacy Ball. The festivity took place on March 14, 2009 at the CU Stadium Club Suites. The event allowed graduating seniors to celebrate their achievements as CU students together as a class over refreshments and music.

The third contribution of the 2009 Senior Class Gift is the establishment of the Senior Class Norlin Endowment Scholarship. The scholarship will be awarded annually to a rising senior student to recognize outstanding achievements in their academic career.

Each component of the Senior Class Gift was decided upon by the Senior Class Council and the Senior Class Gift Committee. Students were also able to participate through ememos, polls and in meetings with committee members. The option of donating a contribution to a department, school or college of choice is also available.

The Senior Class Gift is a tradition at many schools, wherein the graduating class donates a gift to say thank you for everything they have gained at their alma mater. To learn more about the Senior Class Gift, make a donation or view a list of previous gifts, visit the Senior Class Council website.

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