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 Tuesday, Mar 10, 2009 IssueFaculty/Staff E-Newsletter


Reaffirming Flagship 2030 in times of change
Chancellor G.P. "Bud" Peterson

As we face new and increasing challenges on the economic front, I want to reaffirm the importance of our strategic plan, Flagship 2030. Because of the breadth of input we received from both internal and external stakeholders, this plan is nimble enough to withstand changes in the economy and in campus leadership.

University of Colorado President Bruce Benson and the CU Board of Regents have endorsed this plan and have recognized it as a “far-reaching and long-lasting blueprint” for CU’s success and one that will chart a course for CU-Boulder long into the future. As Val and I prepare to embark on new challenges at the Georgia Institute of Technology, I am confident that CU-Boulder will continue to thrive and that Flagship 2030 will serve as a national model for education, research and service for the coming decades.

The fact that we as a community gazed two decades into the future to envision what we wanted to become unleashed us from the restraints of the status quo, the budget, and yes, changes in leadership. Flagship 2030’s dexterity, flexibility and adaptability in times of transition are its enduring hallmark. Now as we begin to implement some of those unrestrained, “broad-horizon” initiatives, we can all take pride in what we have accomplished and what we will achieve.

Consider that Flagship 2030 was conceived by hundreds of faculty, staff, alumni, donors, local community members and citizens across the state in an innovative “outside-in” process. We now have a compact with the people of Colorado to carry it out and we have, in effect, guaranteed that their flagship university will succeed along a dynamic path with this plan.

Early on, we were guided by a 62-member steering committee of passionate people from inside and outside the university along with a group of 100 additional “core contributors” and more than 300 others who actively participated in the Flagship 2030 process.

In the summer of 2007 we received input from members of 13 communities large and small across the state, and we also prepared 85 executive summaries from one-on-one interviews with thought leaders from all walks of life to give us a wide perspective of what our plan should look like.

Nine task forces, made up of many of you, made recommendations for implementation in September 2008, and the senior leadership is now prioritizing those recommendations and integrating them into the budget cycle. I am heartened to know in these difficult economic times that financial support is not always the answer to achieving the 18 core and flagship initiatives, but rather university partnerships or realignment can be effective in many cases.

Flagship 2030 is already a plan in motion. It is at the heart of our fundraising efforts and a key to our reaccreditation in 2010. We have already seen quantifiable progress in many of the initiatives such as broadening Residential Academic Programs, enhancing interdisciplinary research, creating a university village, establishing ourselves as a global crossroads and creating a “research diamond.” The beauty of Flagship 2030 is that it is a plan that depends not on a few individuals, but rather on the entire community that developed and conceived it.

I have great confidence that Provost and Executive Vice-Chancellor for Academic Affairs Phil DiStefano and Senior Vice Chancellor and Chief Financial Officer Ric Porreca, as co-chairs will help bring Flagship 2030 to fruition. But perhaps the biggest reason that Flagship 2030 will endure is because it is not my plan or their plan, but everyone’s plan.

I hope to look back at the University of Colorado at Boulder in the many years to come and see the vision that we have created together realized for the benefit of our country, the state of Colorado, and most of all for our students.

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Reaffirming Flagship 2030 in times of change

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