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 Tuesday, August 12, 2008 IssueFaculty/Staff E-Newsletter


Faculty Focus
Inside CU's faculty profile series
Faculty Focus

Our faculty are a source of great pride and bring a world of expertise, experimentation and excellence to our students and our community. Meet Meg Campbell, associate professor of marketing, Leeds School of Business.

Meg’s research interests include consumer understanding of persuasion, perceptions of unfairness in prices and marketing, branding and advertising effects. She teaches advertising and marketing communications, brand management, consumer behavior and the principles of marketing.

What drew you to your field of expertise, and keeps you passionate about your work?

When I was an undergraduate, I started out “undeclared” and I definitely did not know what I wanted to be when I grew up! I really liked both psychology and economics and ended up double majoring in those two disciplines. Like most students, I didn’t even know about consumer psychology. However, I had a really great professor at Stanford named Jim March. At the time, he was a management professor and a scholar at the Hoover Institute and he taught an MBA class at the Graduate School of Business that he let undergraduates take. Professor March regularly invited students to come to his office for wine, cheese and conversation. In talking to him, I learned about business as a possible academic area. This was very exciting because I realized that I could get a PhD in marketing and be able to pursue both of my interests. Consumer psychology is great for me because I am fascinated by how people act as consumers and how they think about the marketplace and marketers.

What do you most enjoy and what is the most challenging aspect of your profession?

I really like both research and teaching. I enjoy working with different types of students in different programs and I always like hearing what past students are doing. However, if I have to choose one thing that I enjoy most, I think that would be figuring out an interesting research question and designing the experiments to test my ideas. I think that for me the most challenging aspect of this profession is rewriting research papers over and over again during the publication process.

What are your favorite interests and activities apart from your work?

Outside of work, my biggest interest is my family. I am very close to my parents and my sister as well as my own nuclear family. I live in North Boulder with my husband and two boys (and dog). I think my boys are tremendously interesting and I get a real kick out of watching them develop. I love cooking and eating, and I also love being active outside (running, hiking, skiing, sailing, etc.). I like to travel; my family and I spent a marvelous seven-month sabbatical in Fontainebleau, France, where I was a visiting scholar at the French business school, INSEAD. C’était fantastique!

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