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 Tuesday, July 15, 2008 IssueFaculty/Staff E-Newsletter


Q&A with Flagship 2030 task force chair Russ Moore
by Corey Jones, senior, School of Journalism and Mass Communication

As the University of Colorado at Boulder progresses with the Flagship 2030 Strategic Plan and positioning as one of the nation's leading public research universities, nine task forces representing key components of the university have been formed in order to help develop strategies for implementing the 18 initiatives outlined in the plan. The task force reports will be submitted in the fall of 2008. Meet Russ Moore, chair of the research task force.

The Research, Scholarship, and Creative Work Task Force is comprised of 20 members drawn from CU-Boulder faculty and staff. The group has been very active in assessing the current research and scholarship capabilities on our campus and will provide recommendations on how CU-Boulder can remain competitive and increase its prominence in regional, national and international research arenas.

How do your duties as a task force chair fit in with your background and current position at CU?

I believe that my background as a faculty member and researcher in integrative physiology, as well as my administrative experience as a department chair and now the associate vice chancellor for research, provides me with a broad perspective on research and scholarship. I am familiar with the challenges that face faculty in the pursuit of their scholarship as well as the issues involved in institutional research support and administration. In working with the talented members of the Flagship 2030 committee on research, scholarship and creative work, I like to think that I am in a position to understand the scholarly needs of our faculty as well as serve as a resource to them in terms of providing insights with regard to how research administration currently operates on the Boulder campus.

What inspires and challenges you in creating and meeting your task force goals?

CU-Boulder is a unique institution in that it is Colorado’s “comprehensive national research university” by state mandate. The scholarly accomplishments of our faculty over the years have been and continue to be extraordinary. Indeed, we are largely defined by scholarly accomplishments. I do believe, however, that we are at a unique point in our history where we will have to re-commit to our statutory mission in order to remain competitive and to assume a more prominent national and international leadership role as a research institution. The prospect of working with our talented faculty, staff and administrators to position our institution to create a culture of excellence that will be suited to meet the challenges of the 21st century is both exciting and challenging. I feel privileged to be a part of this process.

If you could envision anything for the future of higher education, what would be your greatest aspirations?

The university, as an institution, is societally unique in that we are charged with creating and disseminating new knowledge, and we serve as the principal cultural repository for that knowledge. Unlike private sector research and development, our endeavors are not directly profit driven. That said, universities have been incredibly important to our nation’s economic and cultural vitality in that many of today’s seemingly esoteric discoveries will be important in future applications that we cannot conceive of today. My hope for the future is that the importance of the university as an institution will be more deeply appreciated by all of our citizens. For CU-Boulder in particular, my hope is that it will become a prominent regional, national and international focal point for the safe and free exchange of ideas between members of the academy, industry and the citizenry of the United States and nations around the globe.

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Q&A with Flagship 2030 task force chair Russ Moore

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