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 Tuesday, July 15, 2008 IssueFaculty/Staff E-Newsletter


Frank Bruno transitions from town to gown
by Linda Besen, Publications and Creative Services

As a result of his previous work as Boulder’s city manager, new Vice Chancellor for Administration Frank Bruno brings a unique and valuable perspective to his position. For the past five years, Bruno reported to the Boulder City Council and was responsible for the day-to-day administration of the city government. “I bring a lot of continuity to the table without having worked here,” said Bruno. “I have broad exposure to city and state government and yet I’m also new and bring a fresh set of eyes. My work with the larger community certainly helped me in my prior job and it’s helped me immeasurably as I settle into my new job.”

As city manager, Bruno worked closely with CU-Boulder and with his predecessor, Paul Tabolt, with whom he "felt joined at the hip.” Bruno gave his support to and was supported by university administration and the CUPolice Department during challenging situations that affected both the campus and the city.

Bruno serves on the Flagship 2030 committee for relations between the city and the university. “I believe that students need to be brought closer to the community,” he said. “When a person feels ownership in the place that they live, there is much more care. Conversely, I think the community needs to play more of a role in the university. There are a few instances in which that happens such as the Conference on World Affairs, the Shakespeare Festival and programs at Macky. Beyond that, if you’re not taking classes, you’re not interacting with this huge facility in the heart of the city.”

“My view of the university has been positive all along, but now I want to take something good and make it even better,” said Bruno. “CU a driving engine of this region—not just the city but this entire region—in terms of its economy, its dynamic, its philosophy. We use the words ‘inextricably linked’ to describe the relationship between the university and the city, and we do well to always remember that. Efforts like sustainability and the growth of the East Campus will require cooperation and pulling together.”

For example, the proposed underpass at Broadway Street and Euclid Avenue will be a partnership of the university, RTD, the Boulder Valley School District and CDOT. That intersection is complicated because of pedestrian, bicycle and vehicular traffic, as well as the fact that there is an elementary school at the intersection. And it’s busy; according to Bruno, the bus stop on the west side has more ridership on a daily basis than Market Street Station in Denver.

"It is a wonderful time to be at CU," said Bruno, "and I'm honored to continue my public service career in Boulder."

The vice chancellor for administration reports to Senior Vice Chancellor and Chief Financial Officer Ric Porreca. The position oversees the physical, human resource and public safety organizations of CU-Boulder and is responsible for about 950 employees.

Frank Bruno transitions from town to gown

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