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 Tuesday, June 17, 2008 IssueFaculty/Staff E-Newsletter


Q&A with Flagship 2030 faculty task force chair Uriel Nauenberg
by Corey Jones, senior, School of Journalism and Mass Communication

As the University of Colorado at Boulder progresses with the Flagship 2030 Strategic Plan and positioning as one of the nation's leading public research universities, nine task forces representing key components of the university have been formed in order to help develop strategies for implementing the 18 initiatives outlined in the plan. The task force reports will be submitted in the fall of 2008. Meet Uriel Nauenberg, chair of the faculty task force.

Consisting of 15 members, the faculty task force is working to develop a faculty profile for the year 2030. The group will identify the primary issues concerning faculty, discuss what kind of faculty can most effectively address those issues and contemplate the best ways to carry out research and education in the future.

How do your duties as a task force chair fit in with your background and current position at CU?

My duty as task force chair is to guide the discussion toward a fruitful conclusion. This fits reasonably well with my background since I am the chair of the Boulder Faculty Assembly and will remain so during the next academic year. At the same time I am deeply interested in education through research, one of the possible crucial avenues to be used and emphasized in the education of our future generations.

What inspires and challenges you in creating and meeting your task force goals?

I am totally committed to making the University of Colorado at Boulder an academic institution in this country where solutions to international problems will be investigated and solved. To accomplish this it is necessary to plan and imagine what such an institution will look like in the year 2030. To have the courage to guide this university toward this vision is our challenge. This is the mission of the various task forces of Flagship 2030. To properly guide the university in a correct path is quite difficult and therefore very challenging.

If you could envision anything for the future of higher education, what would be your greatest aspirations?

My greatest aspiration is that we can reach the majority of the world population to obtain a university level education. Only through education can we develop the bonds between diverse societies; it is in the universities where we will find the solutions to the many international social, economic and technical problems that affect us. A well-educated international society will be able to tackle and solve these problems in a timely manner.

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