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 Tuesday, September 25, 2007 IssueFaculty/Staff E-Newsletter


CU-Boulder enrolls most talented freshman class ever as recruitment efforts evolve
By Jon Leslie, Publications and Creative Services

According to census results released earlier this month, this fall's entering freshman class is among the largest and most highly qualified in the university's history. CU-Boulder welcomed 5,555 new freshman students this fall, including 3,327 from Colorado and 2,228 from out of state. Average high school GPA, high school rank and CCHE, ACT and SAT scores all rose compared to last year's entering class, and every measure except the SAT total and high school rank is an all-time CU-Boulder high. The proportion of new freshman ethnic minority students came in at 16 percent, keeping pace with the university's most diverse freshman class ever just a year ago.

"I am very proud of the academic quality, diversity and talents of the fall 2007 freshman and transfer classes," said Director of Admissions Kevin MacLennan. "The chancellor, cabinet, admissions office, faculty, staff and current students worked very hard to enroll this fall's class. The admissions office has seen an increase in freshman applications of 16 percent over two years and the interest in CU-Boulder continues to increase. Even as we begin the fall 2008 recruitment season, we are seeing more and more students who are interested in attending CU-Boulder."

MacLennan said the rise in applications has enabled his office to increase selectivity and decrease the percentage of both resident and nonresident students admitted, improving the overall qualifications of the entering class. He also said that the university is continuing to conduct more holistic reviews of applicants during the admission cycle, looking for good students who are also good citizens—and particularly those with demonstrated examples of honor, integrity, tolerance and the desire to make the university a better place for everyone.

"We placed a premium on these factors as we reviewed applications this past year, and I think we were successful in selecting good students—among the best ever—and also good citizens who will make a positive difference," MacLennan said.

According to MacLennan, the university's recent success comes as college selection and the competition for top students continues to escalate. High school seniors are applying to more colleges and universities as they choose where they will attend, making it harder to enroll them as the competition between institutions increases. As a result, colleges and universities are resorting to three primary recruitment methods—e-communication, print communication and face-to-face communication—in the effort to attract them.

"E-communication has become the dominant force in college admissions, but students and parents still expect an appropriate balance of all thee types of communication during their college selection process," said MacLennan. "We work very hard to provide as many individualized recruitment materials as we can, and I believe we are among the elite schools in the country in how we are using technology to recruit students, particularly with the recent launch of CUView."

CUView is the university's new customer relationship management (CRM) system, which uses personalized Web portal technology to recruit prospective students and has the potential to increase the prospective student pool from 150,000 prospective high school juniors and seniors to 400,000 prospective students in grades 9 through 12.

"CUView will allow us to have an individualized and separate recruitment plan for freshman, sophomores, juniors and seniors, each plan developing a closer relationship with prospective students and parents," said MacLennan. "We currently have 6,500 students who have created their CUView profiles, and our numbers are growing by leaps and bounds each day."

In addition to being an amazing tool for the admissions office, MacLennan said that CUView also could allow for individual academic departments who are interested in recruiting more students or communicating with prospective students the opportunity to do so.

"As we continue to balance e-communication, print communication and personal contact, CUView will allow us the opportunity to contact every prospective student at least twice a month with useful, pertinent information that will help them make a well-informed college decision," said MacLennan. "In addition, it will allow us to segment our recruitment markets and the individual characteristics of our prospective students, making it possible for us to pull specific student interests together and build specific messaging campaigns that address their interest areas."


CU-Boulder enrolls most talented freshman class ever as recruitment efforts evolve

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