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 Tuesday, July 10, 2007 IssueFaculty/Staff E-Newsletter


Kris Livingston takes helm of Herbst Academic Center at Dal Ward
By Linda Poncin, assistant sports information director

The Herbst Academic Center in Dal Ward Athletic Center is under new leadership, as Kris Livingston was named the first female director on April 9, 2007. Livingston, who as served as assistant director over the past two years, follows Charlie Browning, Theo Gregory, George Hoey and Mark Nelson in her new role.

"I'm honored that I have been asked to take on this position," Livingston said. "It's no small task and I don't take it lightly. I think all of my preparation throughout my entire career has been leading up to this. I was an assistant women's basketball coach at Iowa State, I worked in admissions for about eight years, I was the director of women's basketball operations at CU for another eight years, and I work really closely here with admissions, the coaches, and the student-athletes. I have kind of come full circle in what I have been trained to do."

The center provides many services for all of CU's student-athletes, whether they are walk-ons or scholarship athletes. Each student-athlete has an academic coordinator to help organize his or her academic plan. The coordinator meets with each athlete on a regular basis to make sure the classes the student-athlete is taking are applicable to their degree and graduation. There are also tutors available in any subject. "Any student-athlete can have a subject tutor for any class they are in. That means if a student wants to go from a D to a C or a B to an A, that student can have a tutor. We have a lot of 3.8 GPA student-athletes who use tutors for every class," she said.

The academic center provides more than just academic support. It also helps student-athletes by connecting them with Career Services to find jobs when they graduate. There are also several community service opportunities. "We work very closely with SAAC (Student-Athlete Advisory Committee) on programs like "Read With the Buffs" – where our student-athletes go to different schools and read to the children – among other opportunities."

The academic center works very closely with the rest of the university. "We are really trying to integrate with the rest of campus," Livingston said. "For example, we work very closely with the academic advisors in each of the colleges. We demand that our student-athletes visit their major academic advisor every semester. They have to do that before they register for their classes. We don't certify their degree; the college does, so we need to make sure that they are taking the classes that the academic advisors say will lead them to graduations. We might need to tweak it just a bit based on eligibility, but we rely heavily on them."

Livingston meets regularly with heads of the different colleges as well as the directors of Admissions and Orientation. "We've tried to partner with as many departments on campus as possible to benefit from what they do best. Orientation, career services, admissions or academic advising—we don't do any of that, but we work with professionals on campus who do specialize in those areas."

The Herbst Academic Center is in good hands with Livingston at the helm, and moving toward a bright future. "It's a good step for me, although it's not without its challenges," she said. There is no doubt Livingston will meet those challenges and opportunities with enthusiasm.

If you 'd like more information on ways to collaborate with the center, contact Kris Livingston.


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