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 Tuesday, December 11, 2007 IssueFaculty/Staff E-Newsletter


Flagship 2030—what's next? Now the work begins
By Philip DiStefano, Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Richard Porreca, Senior Vice Chancellor and Chief Financial Officer

The Board of Regents turned your vision into reality Nov. 29, unanimously passing Flagship 2030, our strategic plan for the future.

We would like to thank everyone in the CU-Boulder community for this remarkable campus-wide effort that resulted in the approval of this important plan.

"Flagship 2030: Serving Colorado, Engaged in the World" was more than a year in the making but will transform the university for decades to come. It will be at the core of our fund-raising efforts as well as our organizational and transformational activities as we blaze a path for the university well into this century.

This inclusive and public "outside-in" process led by Chancellor Peterson, and backed by the dedication and hard work of our faculty, staff and many members of our diverse CU-Boulder community, produced a plan we can take pride in.

Board approval of Flagship 2030 caps the work of a 54-member planning committee, the feedback of hundreds of individuals from inside and outside the CU-Boulder community and the direct input of "thought leaders" from 16 Colorado communities across the state. We melded ideas and input from CU faculty, staff, students, alumni and administrators.

Now, with your help, we begin the hard work of implementing Flagship 2030. In January we will form task forces to build action plans to implement the eight core and 10 transformational initiatives. The core initiatives build on strengths and ensure that CU-Boulder remains competitive as one of the top 34 national comprehensive public universities. The transformational initiatives prepare us and our students for the future in a rapidly-changing and competitive global marketplace.

Some of the transformational initiatives include creating customized learning by formation of an undergraduate academy, incorporating experiential learning into the required curriculum, broadening opportunities for alternative degree tracks and expanding on our excellent record of interdisciplinary research. Other initiatives include expanding outside partnerships to build a "research diamond," exploring year-round learning within a three semester calendar and establishing CU-Boulder as a "global crossroads" with a new "Colorado Center for Global Education, Research and Advanced Studies."

Please feel free to explore all 18 core and transformational initiatives on the new Flagship2030 website.

Now comes the hard part – taking the tangible steps of making the vision and initiatives a reality. Working with Boulder Faculty Assembly Chair Uriel Nauenberg, we will name nine task forces for putting a series of action plans into motion.

These committees will focus on the following areas: Faculty, Research, Graduate Education, Undergraduate Education, Enrollment, Budget Models and Resources, Support Staff and Operations, Facilities, and Outreach.

Task force members will be drawn from throughout the university and its constituencies.

Different task forces may focus on the same initiative. For example, the faculty, graduate and research groups might all examine the transformational initiative of interdisciplinarity. We will provide questions to guide the task forces and we will ask them to consider cross-cutting issues such as globalization, diversity and campus community. Since their work is extremely important to the success of implementing Flagship 2030, we will provide staff support to the task forces. Finally, we will coordinate efforts among the groups to ensure that we are all moving in the same direction.

Action development grants will be allocated to the task forces to ensure they have the resources needed to research and develop the action plans. We will begin implementing the Flagship 2030 initiatives as they are developed and approved.

It's an exciting time at CU-Boulder. We are looking forward to this collective cross-campus effort to serve our students and communities well into the 21st century. We appreciate your support in this important mission.

Regents praise, approve Flagship 2030

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Flagship 2030 - what's next? Now the work begins

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