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 Tuesday, June 13, 2006 IssueFaculty/Staff E-Newsletter


In the Spotlight with Joe Roy, Chief of Police and Director of Public Safety

The architectural beauty of the Boulder campus is world renowned and our buildings often are viewed as the face of the university. In this series, “In the Spotlight,” we ask CU-Boulder building directors to give us a behind-the-scenes look at the facilities and programs they manage - along with a glimpse into their personalities. Part nine of this series features Police Chief Joe Roy.

What is one thing you would like people to know about your building or your job?

Something I find myself talking to groups about rather frequently is the difference between “security” and “police.” Many believe the terms are synonymous. Actually there are significant differences. Security agencies may be constituted under private or governmental authority and charged with the protection of persons, property and “enforcement” of the rules or policies governing the use of premises. Police are constituted under governmental authority and are legally empowered to enforce municipal and state laws, to issue summonses ordering persons to face charges in court, to arrest persons and place them in jail, and to write affidavits for and execute arrest and search warrants. Both security and police personnel serve to protect the persons, property and premises of their communities. Unlike security guards, police officers are authorized to exercise governmental authority to enforce the laws of their local government and the state.

While many universities (especially private institutions) have security departments, larger state institutions typically have police departments. CU-Boulder has a police department. Its officers are commissioned under state law and by the city of Boulder, and have full police powers on campus and within the city of Boulder.

Notwithstanding the idyllic image held by many regarding college environments, crime occurs on campuses. Universities establish police departments for the same reasons municipalities and counties do, to provide an ongoing public safety presence that reflects, and is responsive to, the values and priorities of the community.

The CU-Boulder police department provides 24/7 services to the campus community year-round. The department consists of nine operating divisions/sections: police patrol, investigations (detectives), a 24/7 communications center (i.e., dispatch; including 9-1-1 call taking capability), information technology, police records, property and evidence, police training, campus facility and residence halls security, and community services.

University Police is one of two divisions of CU-Boulder"s Department of Public Safety. The other is Parking and Transportation Services (PTS). It would take another article to summarize PTS" services. As the Director of Public Safety and Chief of Police, I am responsible for oversight of both agencies.

If you could open and run any kind of restaurant anywhere, what kind of food would you serve, and where?

As I child I lived in Louisiana, and to this day I love Creole and southern cooking. The food is colorful, flavorful, and very satisfying. To make this kind of restaurant work in today"s health conscious world you"d need to lighten things up by cutting back on the fried foods and fat, but I think it could be done without sacrificing the flavor and character of the food.

I"d open the restaurant in Boulder. There are many restaurants here, and there is a tremendous variety in the food served in the city"s restaurants. The competition is tough but folks are clearly open to new and different things on the food front. I think a Creole/southern restaurant would be a nice addition to the community.

In the Spotlight with Joe Roy, Chief of Police and Director of Public Safety

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