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 Tuesday, November 28, 2006 IssueFaculty/Staff E-Newsletter

Special Pandemic Flu Edition


Pandemic Planning Committee and Pandemic Communications Committee Lead Campus Planning Efforts
About 75 representatives from campus departments have worked diligently to implement the university's current pandemic flu response plan. The Pandemic Response Plan outlines how CU-Boulder would handle an avian or pandemic flu outbreak. This effort was reinforced with an extensive pandemic communications effort that resulted in a slate of communication methods for educating students, faculty and staff in order to increase understanding of pandemic flu and offer ways to prevent and prepare for flu. These representatives continue to work to update and improve existing plans and identify additional methods for getting the word out.

Housing & Dining Services a Campus Leader in Proactive Efforts
CU-Boulder Housing and Dining Services is also providing leadership across the campus for pandemic flu training, including stockpiling measures and tabletop exercises. For more than a year, the department has been taking steps to develop a comprehensive pandemic flu plan, establishing specific policies based on each mode, or level, of outbreak, for residence halls, Bear Creek, Family Housing, the Children's Center, and other operations. In addition to centralized staff training, educational practices include hand sanitizer distribution, social distancing, and a campaign aimed at students utilizing posters and "No Flu Zone" cards, to name a few.  

FacMan Organizes Trainings for Staff Members
The Department of Facilities Management has held numerous pandemic flu trainings for its staff. The campus-wide information sessions were initiated last May as an extension of the department's safety committee. The training offers the staff of over 400 employees a synopsis of the issues regarding a potential pandemic flu outbreak. Presentations include tips on prevention and protection as well as preparing for concerns such as priority alignment, configuring essential services, and cross training in the event that there is a high absentee rate. 

CU Bookstore Supplies Customers with Informative Sources
The CU Bookstore has also taken action to inform the campus community of flu prevention and protection tips. The store is distributing wallet-sized cards that offer information on how to find out more about seasonal, avian, and pandemic flu. The cards can be collected from registers and other spots throughout the store, providing an easy way for customers to be educated on proper safety measures.

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