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Tuesday, Jan 24, 2006 IssueFaculty/Staff E-Newsletter


Hall Receives Nobel Prize in Sweden
JILA Fellow and Senior Research Associate John Hall traveled to Sweden last month to receive the 2005 Nobel Prize in Physics. Hall is CU-Boulder's fourth Nobel Prize winner. He is also a founding fellow of JILA, established in 1964, and has been affiliated with CU-Boulder's physics department since 1966. Hall's work on the development of the laser has transferred from laboratory curiosity to a fundamental tool of modern science.

Thanks to Midnight Breakfast Volunteers
More than 1,300 students were served at this year's Midnight Breakfast, Monday, Dec. 12 at 11:59 p.m. in the Alferd Packer Grill. Volunteers from the CU-Boulder community came early to prepare food and serve students. Thank you to the many volunteers from the UMC, Student Affairs, Financial Aid, the Environmental Center, the Libraries and Wardenburg who made it all possible.

Eckart Schutrumpf Awarded $75,000 for Aristotle Research
Classics Professor Eckart Schutrumpf has received the Alexander von Humboldt Research Award for foreign scholars in the humanities. The award was granted for distinguished accomplishments in research and teaching and for the pursuit of a project considered worthy of funding. Schutrump is considered one of the world's foremost experts on Aristotle. He is working on a project to assemble pieces of the philosopher's writings into an authoritative edition to be published in Greek with German and English translations.

Dave Martinez Elected NAHJ Denver Student Outreach Coordinator
School of Journalism administrative assistant Dave Martinez was recently elected Student Outreach Coordinator of the newly established Denver Chapter of the National Association of Hispanic Journalists. Martinez will be involved in outreach to high schools and colleges across Colorado to increase student membership in NAHJ, while promoting scholarship opportunities and various events held by the association. He has extensive experience working with students as advisor to the School of Journalism's Multi-Ethnic Media Organization and director of CU-LEAD's Journalism Diversity Scholars.

PPL Certified Graduates
Staff recently certified in the new Payroll and Personnel Liaison training are:

  • Tip-arpar Anderson, Arts & Sciences
  • Mark Berge, Academic Advising Center
  • Carmen Donohoe, Housing
  • Debbie Fuqua, Accounting & Business Support
  • Jennifer Kittler, Facilities Management
  • Sunnie Gist, Facilities Management
  • Rhonda Miller, Office of the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs


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