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 Tuesday, June 14, 2005 IssueFaculty/Staff E-Newsletter


UCSU Tri-Executives See Golden Future
By Vanessa Lozano, senior, School of Journalism and Mass Communication

Students at the University of Colorado at Boulder recently elected the 2005-2006 tri-executives.

The Golden Ticket, comprised of Jeremy Jimenez, graduate student in the School of Education, Brad Long, junior finance major and Mebraht Gebre-Michael, junior sociology-pre-law major, won in the spring elections.

The ticket ran on the platform of tuition, campus pride, academics, diversity, the environment, safety, Greek life, sports and athletics, student groups and arts.

Leaders of the University of Colorado Student Union (UCSU) executive branch, the tri-executives plan to focus on students rights and building relationships with student groups. They intend to build campus pride by emphasizing the accomplishments of student groups as well as individual students, staff, faculty and administration.

"We also want to increase diversity by highlighting communities of color and letting students know there is space here for them," said Gebre-Michael.
Other plans for their term include easing tuition costs through support of the Economic Recovery Act and ensuring campus safety for all through continued installation of blue lights and clearing away snow in a timely manner.

Each tri-executive has had previous leadership experience on campus. Gebre-Michael was a justice on the UCSU Appellate Court and an officer within the Black Student Alliance and the African Student Association. Long was on the UCSU Finance Board and was vice president of the Interfraternity Council. Jimenez was the UCSU Director of Student Groups and chair of the Student Organizations Commission, as well as former president and vice president of Sigma Lambda Beta Latino Fraternity.

The trio represent a wide range of communities within CU-Boulder including the Ethnic Living and Learning Community, the Interfraternity Council, the Multicultural Greek Council, the Black Student Alliance, the Alliance of Latin American Students, the Minority Arts and Sciences Program and Shoulder to Shoulder, just to name a few.

For more information on UCSU visit the University of Colorado Student Union web site.

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