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 Tuesday, April 26, 2005 IssueFaculty/Staff E-Newsletter


A Fresh Start
By Interim Chancellor Phil DiStefano

The end of the spring semester brings a successful close to another academic year. It also provides opportunities for a look ahead. Fall 2005 promises to be an exciting time in CU-Boulder history. Let me share some upcoming plans for the Boulder campus next year.

Quality for Colorado
We will continue to implement the Quality for Colorado strategic plan, with its emphasis on quality in academics. We view Quality for Colorado as an investment partnership to improve the quality of the learning experience for students, enhance the value of their degree and support academic and research programs of distinction.

A major component of Quality for Colorado is stabilization of the size of entering freshman classes, as well as enhanced enrollment of graduate and upper-division transfer students. My goal is to improve the quality of first-year students by increasing the size of the applicant pool to 21,000, our previous record high. This would enable us to enroll a smaller, more highly qualified freshman class of 4200-4300 students. Undoubtedly, we will continue to seek additional sources for financial aid to ensure affordability for top students needing financial assistance.

We also aim to increase the number of graduate students from the current level of 16 percent of the overall student population to 20 percent - particularly at the doctoral level, in order to educate the next generation of professors. A smaller and highly qualified undergraduate body, along with a larger graduate population, will allow us to attract top students, faculty and staff.

In addition to pursuing the goals outlined in the Quality for Colorado plan, I will work closely with the Board of Regents, the President's Office and campus leaders to effect a smooth transition for President Hoffman's successor, Senator Hank Brown. I look forward to working with Senator Brown on plans to ensure the University's future.

The hiring of Mike Bohn as athletic director is a major step in our quest to restore credibility and trust in our programs. It was essential that we attract someone of his character, integrity, experience and dedication to athletic and academic success. Mike is very committed to continuing our efforts to execute the reforms and new initiatives of the past year. He has solid experience in management, fund-raising and community outreach. He will have full authority and responsibility for leading the department out of a difficult period into brighter days ahead.

Bias-Motivated Incident Responses
I am pleased with the initiatives that are currently underway to address recent racially motivated incidents on our campus. I will continue to work with several groups over the summer on new and improved strategies for fall implementation. This includes finalizing the campus-wide policy on harassment and discrimination, instituting training modules, and meeting with campus and community groups.

A Web site has been developed on these issues called Issues Of Racial Intolerance: Statements And News Releases. I encourage you to use it as a reference for any questions that you or others may have about the University's responses.

Moving Forward
CU-Boulder is entering a new phase in its history and events are occurring at a rapid pace. I've mentioned a few examples of the top campus priorities for 2005-2006 and I will continue to update you on these and other initiatives throughout the coming weeks and months.

In closing, I want to extend my thanks to all of you for your hard work and continued dedication. This is a great university and there are very good things happening on our campus. Despite the numerous challenges that we have faced, our faculty, staff and students have achieved many notable accomplishments this year. Most importantly, in just over a week from now, we will be graduating another class of outstanding students.

Thanks for all you do for the University of Colorado at Boulder. Best wishes for a great summer.

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A Fresh Start

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