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 Tuesday, February 22, 2005 IssueFaculty/Staff E-Newsletter


In the Spotlight with CU-Boulder Police Chief Joe Roy
By Jon Leslie, Publications and Creative Services

Joe Roy took over as police chief of the Boulder campus on February 1. Roy has a long history with CU-Boulder, including a bachelor's degree in political science ('76) and 28 years in a variety of public safety roles. Recently we sat down with Roy to talk about his history on the Boulder campus, his first days as chief of police and his goals for the department.

Q. What are some of the highlights of your CU-Boulder career?

A. I started with the police department in June 1977. While in police operations I worked as a patrol officer, a detective and a patrol sergeant; as the department's training sergeant; and as acting patrol lieutenant. In 1985, I moved into an administrative assignment as director of Parking and Transportation Services. I was involved in the development of the Euclid and Regent AutoParks, the faculty/staff EcoPass program and the Stampede shuttle. Throughout my career I've maintained a police commission. Prior to my promotion I was a police captain and the second-highest-ranking officer after the chief.

Q. What motivated you to become police chief?

A. Although I really enjoyed the 19 years I spent as parking director, it was time to think about taking on new challenges. I also wanted to give back to the community in a different kind of way. This role was one I saw as a very challenging opportunity.

Q. In your first three weeks on the job, what has surprised or challenged you the most?

A. Well, there really haven't been any surprises. The thing about the police business is that it can swing from the administrative routine to high stakes business in very short order, and that's what happened during my first three weeks. I've had to jump right into the business of being a police chief and deal with some of the more challenging elements of the job in a very active and involved way.

Q. What are your short- and long-term goals for the department?

A. This department has done really well in working with the community to define its priorities and identify safety issues. I'd like to maintain that orientation and perhaps go a bit further with it. An example would be working with students and other community groups regarding alcohol abuse issues. No one group can solve that problem; we all have to work together and I believe the police department has a role in that.

Q. What can the CU-Boulder community do to help the University Police Department?

A. Talk with us. Let us know what your concerns are. Take ownership in your community and pay attention to the things that go on in it. Please call us if you believe there's a safety issue that needs to be addressed. As long as we're open with each other, we can work together to make this a safer community.

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