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 Tuesday, September 28, 2004 IssueFaculty/Staff E-Newsletter

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Photo of Jackson Katz, Gender Violence Specialist.
Jackson Katz, gender behavior specialist, conducted an all-day session for faculty and staff September 22 at the UMC.
(Photo/Larry Harwood)

Gender Behavior Expert Jackson Katz Visits CU-Boulder
In his film, "Tough Guise," Jackson Katz uses an important image from another film: actor Frank Morgan as the Great Oz, being discovered at the controls of his larger than life wizardly image. Morgan's character is found to be an average man who felt pressured to meet the expectations of the inhabitants of a strange land. Such is the case for boys growing up in America, according to Katz, an anti-sexist male activist who spent September 21-24 giving presentations to CU-Boulder community members and the public.>>

CU-Boulder Joins National Trend of University Library Coffee Shops
Universities across the nation are modifying their "no food and drink" rules by adding coffee shops to their libraries and the University of Colorado at Boulder is no exception. Georgetown University has the Midnight Mug, Radford University has the Stacks Coffee Shop and now CU-Boulder has Norlin Underground. >>

Honoring Organist, Composer and Conductor Nadia Boulanger
Nadia Boulanger, the master musician and teacher of luminaries like Aaron Copland, Elliott Carter and Quincy Jones, said the biggest question ever asked of her came from a young boy in Boston. He wanted to know what constituted a masterpiece. "It is so fortunate that no answer exists," Boulanger said later. "To me, genius is the greatest mystery of our existence. I can give you a few hints, but no firm answer.">>

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$1 Million Facility Completed At CU's Mountain Research Station
The University of Colorado at Boulder has completed a $1 million facility at the Mountain Research Station west of Boulder, providing researchers, students and visitors with comfortable, year-round living and teaching quarters.
CU Prof Aims To Dispel Myths About Women And Islam With Fulbright Scholars Award
Rachel Silvey, an assistant professor in CU-Boulder's geography department, has been awarded a Fulbright New Century Scholars Award to study gender relations in Islam.
Antarctic Glaciers Accelerating In Response To 2002 Ice Sheet Collapse
Glaciers in Antarctica's most rapidly warming region have quickened their pace following the collapse of a Delaware-sized ice shelf in March 2002, according to a new study led by the University of Colorado at Boulder and a related study by NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory.
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State of the Campus Address
Ordinarily, I use this occasion to talk about some of the accomplishments and challenges of the past year, along with key initiatives for the future. But this year is different. Today, I will address how changes in American policy in higher education, particularly at the State level, are affecting our ability to fulfill our mission. And I will discuss how we plan to advance the University of Colorado at Boulder as a world-class research and teaching institution — despite the challenges.>>


Jim Davis-Rosenthal Named Director of Orientation and Ralphie's Resource Center
Jim Davis-Rosenthal, a member of the CU-Boulder community for 16 years - most recently as associate director of the Student Academic Services Center - is the new director of Orientation and Ralphie's Resource Center.

Marketing Professor Donald Lichtenstein to Receive Lifetime Achievement Award
Donald Lichtenstein, professor of marketing at the CU-Boulder Leeds School of Business, will receive the 2004 Fordham Lifetime Achievement Award in Behavioral Pricing Research. The award will be presented at the Seventh Annual Fordham Pricing Conference October 29-30.

The award is presented annually to an individual who has made significant research contributions related to understanding how consumers respond to aspects of pricing. For more information visit the Fordham web site at


 Family Weekend is October 15-17
CU-Boulder will host about 4,000 parents and family members from across the country and around the world. Participants will meet with staff, attend presentations and lectures, tour the campus and attend a football game. The event is recognized as one of the best of it's kind in the country. For more information visit the web site at

Capital Development - the Early Days
Funding for the first university building, Old Main, came from a $15,000 legislative appropriation in 1874 and a $15,000 matching fund raised by popular subscription of the citizens of Boulder.

Mini Med School Comes to CU-Boulder Campus
The CU-Boulder Community Relations office, in partnership with CU-Denver and Health Sciences Center, has brought the Mini Med School to the Boulder campus. The live broadcast of the free lecture series began on Wednesday, Sept. 22 with a capacity audience of community members, students, faculty and staff. Registered attendees of the nine-week program will cover the basic science that underlies medicine, including topics like anatomy, pathology and immunology. For more information visit the web site at

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