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 Tuesday, April 13, 2004 IssueFaculty/Staff E-Newsletter


Foundations for the Future

Welcome to “Inside CU,” our new electronic newsletter for CU-Boulder faculty and staff. “Inside CU” is a quick, easy way to read the good news on the people, programs and achievements of the university. It"s also a means for me to communicate regularly with you about current campus issues.

New developments and accomplishments in campus operations, teaching and research are occurring at a rapid pace. Along with that, our need for effective internal communication is heightened. Broad, timely dissemination of information about our academic achievements and campus initiatives is essential.

We are a community of almost 7,000 people, and it"s important that we are connected to each other. We really are a family – a group of people related by occupation, working together to function as a single entity. Like any family, we have our differences, but we have common bonds. We chose a profession that looks toward the future and nurtures the next generation. We share a desire to contribute to new knowledge and to help young people reach their goals, and we find deep satisfaction in being a part of those processes.

However, I know that the past few months have been a challenging time for our community. The athletics issues seem to overshadow the many outstanding accomplishments of our faculty, staff and students.

For example, a survey recently published in The Economist in London ranked CU-Boulder the 11th best public university in the world and the 31st among all private and public institutions for 2003. U.S. News & World Report recently named seven graduate programs at CU-Boulder among the top 20 in the country. Two CU-Boulder undergraduate teams were named Outstanding Winners in the prestigious Mathematical Contest in Modeling sponsored by the Consortium for Mathematics and its Applications. And that's out of only 11 Outstanding Winners named from a field of 742 entering teams.

The Jazz Program at the College of Music has won two more Down Beat Magazine Student Music awards, including Best Collegiate Solo and Best Improvisational Work. This makes seven Down Beat awards in the past three years. The internationally acclaimed Takács String Quartet won a Grammy Award last year for Best Chamber Music Performance. In March, recent graduate Cynthia Lawrence performed at the Met in a major role opposite Luciano Pavarotti in his final Met Appearance of his career. And last weekend, a photo of CU's African Ensemble was featured in the national edition of the Wall Street Journal.

It"s important to remember that we are an outstanding university with a great academic history, and we should continue striving toward our goal of becoming a world-class institution. This includes setting high expectations for our own performance as well as for students and each other.

Reading about the accomplishments of our faculty and staff in this e-newsletter and on the CU-Boulder News Center web site can help reinforce our commitment to professional growth -- and to teaching our students the values of honor, civility and life-long learning. Henry B. Adams, the historian who wrote about his own education, put it this way: “A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops.” Many of us have sown seeds in students" lives in our classrooms and offices that may or may not bear fruit in our lifetimes, but our influence, as Adams said, will survive us.

Our graduates will be the ones to build the foundation of our own future. Thank you for all you do to ensure their success, and the success of the University of Colorado at Boulder.

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