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 Tuesday, November 9, 2004 IssueFaculty/Staff E-Newsletter


In the spirit of keeping you informed on the progress of campus initiatives, I am asking administrators to provide updates on current plans in their area to share with you through this column. In the second of these updates, I thought you would be interested in the following message from Ron Stump, Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, on student initiatives related to alcohol abuse.

Students Assume Leadership on Alcohol Issues

Ron Stump, Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs

This fall, the campus has been rocked by the death of Gordie Bailey, the Halloween disturbance, and reports of some students routinely consuming large quantities of alcohol. It is evident that our efforts in promoting responsible consumption of alcohol have not reached enough of our students.

While these incidents are disheartening, a counter movement is building within the student body that may prove to have an impact on our community. Their initiatives are in different stages of planning and implementation, but they exhibit the concern our students have about the well-being of their peers and the campus's social environment.

The following programs are examples of what students are bringing forward.


The Colorado Creed was formed by a group of students who formed because of a concern for the Princeton Review party school ranking. Their initial campaign to correct misconceptions about our students has transitioned into an effort to promote what it means to be a University of Colorado student. Their goals are to encourage students to consider the consequences of their actions; unite the student body, faculty, and staff in efforts to maintain the quality of a CU degree; and support behavior which promotes excellence.

G.O.R.D. (Guidelines and Objectives of Responsible Drinking)

This initiative was brought forward by students in response to the death of Gordie Bailey. Their objectives are to: (1) spread and teach alcohol awareness, including the risks involved with drinking; (2) learn how to help someone at risk, specifically, preventing people from drinking excessively; (3) educate students to know the effects and signs of alcohol poisoning, and understanding what to do if an individual is in need of help; and (4) educate others on issues of alcohol abuse, using the Greek system as a channel to our students.

G.A.M.E. (Greek Awareness of Medical Emergencies)

The goal of this medical liaison program is to educate the Greek community on how to recognize and prevent medical emergencies. G.A.M.E. is intended to provide a safe Greek experience.


The objective of the Wristband Campaign is to create a culture of consciousness and dialogue among students regarding the issues of substance use and abuse, including awareness of the potential fatal consequences and gender violence directly and indirectly related to situations where mind-altering substances are present. The Wristband Campaign has three components: (1) ongoing education; (2) a personal pledge, and (3) a wristband, similar to Lance Armstrong's "Livestrong" wristband, that creates visual awareness and facilitates dialogue.

In addition to organized efforts, there have been discussions involving student leaders and campus administrators regarding our initiatives related to addressing alcohol abuse. Representatives from a broad spectrum of student governance groups have provided their perspective on the merits and the success of these programs. Their insights and recommendations have been valuable. Of most importance is the interest and commitment they express in wanting to bring about change in our culture.

The leadership exhibited by these students reminds us all of the quality of our student body. Far too often, a relatively small number of students can cast a large shadow and misrepresent our students' values and deeds.

I am heartened by the student leaders who have stepped up to address the issues of alcohol abuse. They truly represent what it means to be a University of Colorado student.

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