Getting Started

The life of a sponsored project:

Proposal lifecycle graphic

*Adapted from the Ohio State University Office of Research website.

Pre-Award vs. Post-Award:

Pre-Award Post-Award
Identifying funding opportunities Review terms & conditions
Serve as liason Negotiate, receive, & administer awards
Help prepare proposals/Develop budgets Assist with project planning
Review proposal guidelines/Submit proposals Review terms & conditions
Identifying funding opportunities Serve as liason

Pre-Award Information


The Office of Contracts and Grants Pre-Award team includes proposal analysts and support staff dedicated to helping Principal Investigators understand proposal guidelines, prepare budgets, and review, package, and submit proposals.


These are the responsibilities necessary to establish a good working relationship among principal investigators, department staff members, and OCG to ensure successful proposal submissions:

Principal Investigator Responsibilities:

  • Verify PI eligibility
  • Identify potential funding sources
  • Review guidelines with special attention to:
    • Limited submission requirements
    • Due date
    • Budget limitations/requirements
    • Text requirements
    • Method of submission
  • Prepare proposals for extramural funding in accordance with sponsor guidelines and university policy
  • Collect subcontract/sub-recipient information: Prepare sole source justification
  • Ensure all parties involved ar registered in the appropriate submission system (, NSF Fastlane, NADA NSPIRES, etc)
  • Be aware of and adhere to campus and funding agency requirements regarding:
    • Intellectual property
    • Conflict of interest
    • Regulatory compliance (human subjects, animal use, bio-safety, radiation safety)
    • Cost sharing
    • Waiver of F&A (indirect costs)
  • Review and sign OCG proposal form
  • Forward proposal and all required forms to OCG ten business days prior to deadline (for proposals) or five business days prior to deadline (for other proposals)

Office of Contracts and Grants Responsibilities

  • Provide overall guidance to faculty and staff regarding proposal
  • Interpret sponsor policies and guidelines
  • Assist with the completion of agency forms
  • Develop budget using current rate information
  • If necessary, ensures the principal investigator has coordinated the proposal submission with the Office of Research Integrity and the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research
  • Ensure all approvals are documented and compliant with sponsor requirements and university policies
  • Sign the proposal as the university's authorized organization representative (OAR)
  • Package and submit proposals
  • Coordinate requests for "Just in Time" information
  • Act as liason with sponsors between proposal submission and award receipt