Seed Grant Competition FAQs

Who can I ask questions about the Innovative Seed Grant Program?

Please contact Ryan Reeves at

How do I log in?

Applicants should navigate to the Online Application where they will be prompted to log in to OpenWater using your CU IdentiKey and password. If you need assistance, please contact

What is the file size maximum?

All files must be less than 50 MB.

What is the page limit for submission?

Documents should be in Arial 11 pt type with at least 0.5" margins and be no longer than 3 pages in length, including charts/figures.  You may add up to 2 additional pages for literature citations at the end of the Research Plan, for an absolute total of five pages. See the application requirements section for more specific page count requirements.  

When is the proposal due date?

2017 submission deadline is February 12, 2017 at 11:59 PM MST. 

What is the seed grant policy regarding external collaborators (i.e. from outside the CU system). Can their name be included in the grant as a collaborator? Can they be included in the budget in any form?

Each submission should have only one responsible PI.  You may list collaborators if you feel they strengthen the submission, but collaborators should not be listed in the budget.  Collaboration is expected but no Co-PIs are allowed.  The program is a seed program to invest in the future of research at CU Boulder.