Establishing Cooperative Research Memoranda of Agreement

Cooperative Research Memoranda of Agreement are fairly generic. They are similar to Office of International Education Honorary Memoranda of Agreement with the addition of a section explaining the focused area of research that is intended between the two institutions.

Review and approvals needed at CU-Boulder:

  • Review and approval of the Vice Chancellor for Research & Innovation. Please familiarize yourself with Research Integrity and Regulatory Compliance standards, including Export Controls.  You can find information on this subject here.
  • If funded research, approval by the Office of Contracts and Grants is required.
  • Send to the Office of International Education for review and sharing with the Office of Export Controls, and forward to University Counsel. 
  • University Counsel approval (if the parties use the template approved by university counsel, the approval process is quick and straight-forward).
  • Review and approval by the Office of the Provost.
  • Signature by the Chancellor Designee or Provost.


Dependent on time of year; such an agreement can be approved in as little as a month.  Non-standard language requires additional time for review.

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