Research Services

  • 3 MV Electrostatic Accelerator

  • LASP Thermal Tank

CU-Boulder has numerous world-class facilities for specialized testing and development. At times, these services, facilities, and equipment that equipment are available to the private sector for a fee.  In addition, CU-Boulder experts are able to assist in designing tests and interpreting results. This site will contain a listing of the equipment available, details about the equipment, and who to contact for further informaiton. As with all items on this website, if in doubt, contact the Office of Industry Collaboration.

Note - This page and project are currently under development. A searchable database is being created. Contact the Office of Industry Collaboration for assistance if you have an interest in listing capabilities.

External Services Available For Use

Type Item Name Details Spec Sheet
Accelerator 3 MV Electrostatic Accelerator Largest dust accelerator in the world available for use by the lunar, space, and plasma physics communities Click here
Space Flight Hardware Test & Calibration Various LASP engineering a range of capabilities that take instruments and components from concept through finished product Click here
X-Ray Diffraction Bruker D2 Phaser X-Ray Diffraction Desktop System All-in-one phase analysis tool capable of analyzing solid powders, thin films and bulk samples to determine crystal structure and composition for reliale SAXS measurement or microstructures. Click here
Consulting/Analysis Riverware  Riverware is a river system modeling tool that is an ideal platform for operational decision-making forecasting, operational policy evaluation, system optimization, water accounting, water rights administration, and long-term resource planning. Computational timestep choices ranges from 1 hour to 1 year. Also available for licensing More Info