Service Learning Abroad

The IECE and the Office of International Education/Study Abroad Program have developed a new Service-Learning Abroad Program which integrates Study Abroad and service to local communities (Service Learning). This is an exciting addition to Study Abroad Programs which addresses the ever increasing desire of CU students to combine study abroad and community engagement.

Service-learning incorporates community work into the curriculum, giving students real-world learning experiences that enhance their academic learning while providing a tangible benefit for the community. Service learning is a type of civic engagement which offers students coursework that engages students in activities that address human needs. It weaves course content and service together so that each complements the other, involves reciprocity with the community (both the community and student/university are equal partners) and each gains from the other and reflection – having significant opportunities to reflect on one's service and experiences and engage theory and knowledge reflexively with experience.

For a description of program options go to and click on Service Learning Guide. For more information, contact the Study Abroad Office, 303-492-7741,