Model Projects

The IECE will invite CU-Boulder schools, colleges and departments to collaborate in developing models to integrate ethical and civic engagement. The School of Journalism and Mass Communication (SJMC) was the first model project and developed an exciting multi-pronged approach involving courses, research and symposia.

Please Click here for the SJMC Final Report.

Please click here for the first course syllabus, "Media, Self and Society", taught in Fall 2005.

Please click here for the second course syllabus, "Media and
Political Engagement," which will be taught in fall, 2006.

Please click here for the third course syllabus "Media, Self and Society."

Please click here for a new and revised syllabus for the course "Media, Self and Society."

Please click here for the fourth course syllabus, 'Storytelling and Civic Engagement."

The second model project in the School of Education has encompassed three phases. The first phase was the teaching of a School of Education year-long course (2007-2008), "Action Research for Youth and Community Development" which focused on Community Based Research. Click here for the syllabus and reference information for required readings. Click here for the Action Research for Youth and Community Development final report.

The second phase, 2009-2010, was an initiative to integrate civic engagement in the School of Education's Educational Psychology Program. Two courses are being taught during Maymester, 2009. Click here for the syllabus for the course Education 4112: Educational Psychology and Adolescent Development. Click here for the syllabus for the second course Education 4411: Educational Psychology. These courses are now taught on a semester basis. To view the Final Report click here.

The third phase, 2010-11, involved the implementation of the initiative "Developing teachers through service-learning in after school and community based learning environments project." To view final report, click here.

The third model project was an initiative at the College of Architecture and Planning to enhance the scholarship of engagement among Environmental Design students involved in projects of the College's Children, Youth and Environments Center and to infuse the scholarship of engagement throughout the college's entire curriculum so all students are impacted from freshmen through seniors. To view the final report click here.

The fourth model project entails the development and implementation of the Public Service Pledge Program at the University of Colorado Law School. This initiative focuses on students and faculty and involves the participation of both in law-related public service work. Students are also required to take a one hour course component that addresses the role of public service in legal work as well as the kinds of opportunities the program offers. To view the Final Report click here.

The fifth model project, Writing Initiative for Service and Engagement (WISE Project), in the Program for Writing and Rhetoric (PWR), seeks to foster civic engagement as a fundamental mission of PWR, integrate service-learning throughout their curriculum and implement training projects for instructors to expand the scholarship of engagement in both lower and upper division courses. For more information, click here.To view the final report click here.

The sixth model project, Sewall Hall RAP's "Dialogues on Immigrant Integration at CU," built the success of their "Dialogues on Immigrant Integration" and expand the program to 5-7 other RAPs to include dialogue days, increase in-class dialogues, develop and implement a model curriculum that can be applied to course content across disciplines and develop related civic engagement opportunities for students who have participated in dialogue activities. The second phase of the Sewall Hall RAP includes expansion of the "Dialogues on Immigrant Integration at CU Project" to additional RAPs, increased civic engagement opportunities for students, development of an Instructors Information Guide to help faculty integrate the content in their courses, implementation of a new course, "The Immigrant in American Society", research and submittal of a journal article.To view the Final Report click here