Model Project: legal work as well as the kinds of opportunities the program offers.


To:      Peter Simons, Director, Boulder Institute for Ethical and Civic Engagement

From: Andrew Hartman, School of Law

Date:  June 24, 2010

Re:       Public Service Pledge Program, Year End Report June 30, 2010


  1.  Overview of the Model Project
    1. Public service is an integral part of a lawyer’s professional obligation and an essential ingredient in a legal career. The law school’s voluntary public service program provides law students with skills and values, such as legal research and writing, client interviewing, and legal argument development. These skills prove valuable early in legal careers and promote a lifetime commitment to law-related community service.
    2. By signing the Colorado Law Public Service Pledge, students commit to 50 hours of law-related public service work, not for credit or other compensation, during their time at the Law School. Students who fulfill their pledge will be recognized at graduation, and their public service will be reflected on their transcripts
    3. To count toward the Pledge, work must be law-related, must not be done for credit or other compensation, and must be supervised by an attorney or a Law School faculty member. Qualified activities include those that require lawyering skills (such as legal research and writing, interviewing, counseling, oral or written advocacy, or representation of individuals in court, administrative, or other hearings), public education activities (such as preparing for and delivering lectures on legal topics or writing informational brochures or web information on legal topics for under-served communities), and service to the legal profession or legal institutions. Work that does not qualify includes non-legal public service (such as work not involving lawyering skills or service to the legal profession or legal institutions)


  1. Evaluation
    1. The Pledge program has enjoyed great success during its first full year.  As shown below, student public service hours amounted to over six years of public service work, 13000+ hours
    2. Approximately 30% of students have signed the Pledge, committing to at least 50 hours of public service work over their tenure at Colorado Law
    3.   Approximately 25% of the class of 2010 completed their Pledge commitment
    4. Participation Data
      1. Total Pledge hours since inception (September 1 2008 – April 30 2009): 14,827
      2. Total May 1, 2009 – April 30, 2010:13,049 (first full year)
      3. May 1, 2009 – April 30, 2010 breakdown by class:

                                                               i.      Class of 2010:8,099

                                                             ii.      Class of 2011:4863

                                                           iii.      Class of 2012:72.75

                                                           iv.      Class of 2013:14

  1. Total number of students who have signed the Pledge since September 1, 2008: 164

                                                               i.      Class 2009:14

                                                             ii.      Class 2010:48

                                                           iii.      Class 2011:65

                                                           iv.      Class 2012:34

                                                             v.      Class 2013:3

  1. Total number of students who have completed the 50 hour Pledge:75

                                                               i.      Class 2009:8

                                                             ii.      Class 2010:41

                                                           iii.      Class 2011:26

                                                           iv.      Class of 2012:

                                                             v.      Total current students:67


  1. Barriers to participation
    1. Education of students

                                                               i.      Broad range of possible activities

                                                             ii.      Not simply traditional public interest law

  1. Need outreach to students who do not have strong public interest histories
  2. Students need to record all their hours

                                                               i.      Not stop at 50

  1. Reach deeper into student body for higher percentage participation


  1. Financial Data
    1. Current project account balance is $2,302.30.  Only disbursements have been for hourly student assistants
    2. $500 has been authorized but not yet expensed for F2010 promotional materials


  1. Planning for 2010-11
    1. Increase percentage of student participation

                                                               i.      Introduction at orientation

                                                             ii.      Reinforcement in 1L classes

                                                           iii.      Promotion

                                                           iv.      Continue success of awards ceremony

                                                             v.      Permanent plaque/trophy for winners

                                                           vi.      Collateral promotional materials for awareness

  1. Continue integration with externship program

                                                               i.      When externship credits end, Pledge hours begins

                                                             ii.      Convert Pledge work to externships where appropriate

  1. Look for opportunities to incorporate Pledge into other aspects of school

                                                               i.      Career development

                                                             ii.      Inclusive excellence

Student recruitment and retenti