Course Development and Other Academic Projects: 2010

2010 Reports

Course Development and Other Academic Projects:
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The IECE promotes the development of new academic offerings that incorporate ethical inquiry and civic engagement wherever and whenever appropriate. Examples include development of new courses, modification of current courses to include a significant focus on civic engagement and/or ethical inquiry, leadership of group CU-community projects which also meet academic requirements, or workshops for faculty and student development.

Requests for Proposals (RFP) are issued to all faculty including tenured, tenure track, instructors and GPTIs. Please click here for the 2009-10 Request for Proposal and click here for the 2009-10 Proposal Evaluation Process.

2010 courses and recipients

Department of Art and Art History, Richard Saxton, The BASELINE GROUP: Yuma Workshops Phase 1, Towards the High Plains Collaborative Art Expo
This course builds on ARTS 4017: Community and Site-based Art Practice and will involve the completion of a second large scale project by the course participants in Yuma , Colorado. This is a special topics course that focuses on community and site-based art practices.

Department of Communication, Stan Deetz, Transformation of Comm 1600 Group Processes into a Laboratory in Participatory Democracy
The course will be transformed from one used to illustrate and learn concepts and skills to one which focuses on decision making and problem solving in communities and organizations, where concepts and skills are seen as tools to achieve that. This revision directs student learning and growth towards interactional processes as civic engagement and highlights how things like stakeholder collaboration, public deliberation and community dialogue do/can/should function in communities and in organizations making decisions.
» Deetz - Syllabus
» Deetz - IECE Final Report

Global Studies Residential Academic Program, Thomas Zeiler, Africa in Denver
Service learning will be woven into the academic content of GRAP’s ANTH 1150: Regional Cultures of Africa course, through developing a model service learning program that will link GRAP students with African refugees at Mercy Housing located near East Colfax Avenue in Denver.
» Zeiler - IECE Final Report

School of Law-Natural Resources Law Center, Mark Squillace, The Public Comment Project
A joint project of the Natural Resources Law Center and the Environmental Law Society, this project seeks to enhance the skills of Law students in engaging in public comment processes to insure agencies are provided with the information and ideas necessary for good decisions and to imbue in the students a sense of responsibility to use their training and skills to promote the public interest through their participation in public processes.
» Squillace - IECE Final Report

School of Law, Amy Schmitz, In Fine Print
This project is a two-part educational video that will provide consumers on and off campus with tips for surviving the jungle of scams and financial pitfalls that plague us all. The film will reach and engage consumers who may be unaware of the dangers we face in our daily purchases.
» Schmitz - IECE Final Report 

The Graduate School, John Stevenson, The Forum on Science, Ethics and Policy (FOSEP)
This project is a new interdisciplinary graduate student organization which will foster ‘civic scholars” through multidisciplinary discussions on issues at the intersection of science and society and to engage public and policy makers at national and local levels.
>Stevenson Final Report