Course Development and Other Academic Projects: 2008

Course Development and Other Academic Projects:
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The IECE promotes the development of new academic offerings that incorporate ethical inquiry and civic engagement wherever and whenever appropriate. Examples include development of new courses, modification of current courses to include a significant focus on civic engagement and/or ethical inquiry, leadership of group CU-community projects which also meet academic requirements, or workshops for faculty and student development.

Requests for Proposals (RFP) are issued to all faculty including tenured, tenure track, instructors and GPTIs. For the latest RFP click here and for the evaluation process click here.

2008 courses and recipients:

Department of Theatre and Dance, Amy Burtaine, "Theatre for Social Change" - This course explores how to use the language of theatre to help people engage in critical reflection of their lives and the society in which they live. A number of applied and community based theatre forms will be surveyed as mediums to give participants the opportunity to practice and experience art to address questions of immediate political, social, ecological and cultural concern. Students will participate in at least two projects where they collaborate with one another to create a work and perform it.
» Burtaine - Spring 2008 Syllabus
» Burtaine - Final Report

Department of Philosophy, David Boonin, "Philosophy and Race" - This course will be aimed primarily at freshmen and sophomores and will expose students to a wide range of views on a number of key debates surrounding the issue of racial diversity and will help them develop the ability to think critically about these views as they form judgments about their corresponding ethical and civic obligations.
» Boonin - Syllabus
» Boonin - IECE Final Report

College of Architecture and Planning, Willem van Vliet, "Evaluation of Service Learning and Outreach Courses at the University of Colorado: Developing Best Practices" - This project focuses on researching and developing evaluation instruments that can be used with stakeholders and participants for academic service learning, outreach and civic engagement courses. Recommendations and best practices for these courses will also be developed.
» Van Vliet - Final Report

Department of Philosophy, Alastair Norcross, "Philosophy and Animals" - This course will explore the moral status of animals and the morality of human treatment of animals.
» Norcross - IECE Final Report

Department of Political Science, Steve Vanderheiden, "Environmental Citizenship and Political Theory" - This course will focus on environmental citizenship and political theory and will concentrate on the ideals of citizenship as well as normative concepts for evaluating issues in environmental politics.
» Vanderheiden - Fall 2008 Syllabus
» Vanderheiden - Spring 2009 Syllabus
» Vanderheiden - Final Report

Department of Sociology, Sara Steen and Tim Wadsworth, "Inside -Out" - Development of a course based on the experiential program, "Inside-Out," in which college students and incarcerated men and women participate together as peers in a semester long seminar held in a prison or jail. The course's aim is to create a dynamic partnership between institutions of higher learning and correctional systems to deepen the conversation about and transform approaches to issues of crime and justice.
» Steen and Wadsworth - Final Report

Program for Writing and Rhetoric, Tracy Ferrell, "Community Engagement Projects: Working with the Mexican Immigrant Community" - Redesigning the course "WRTG 3020:On the Border: Mexico and the U.S." to include a service learning component which would link classroom readings and discussions of language, racism and other immigration issues with civic engagement experiences in the community and on campus.
» Ferrell - Syllabus
» Ferell - Final Report

School of Education and College of Architecture and Planning, Emily Wexler Love, Debra Flanders Cushing, "Youth Engagement in Immigrant Integration: Together Creating Conceptions of Child- and Youth-Friendly Communities for All" - Development of a new course which is designed to give undergraduate students an opportunity to engage Boulder County youth in dialogues about what a child- and youth-friendly community is and looks like and how immigrant integration may or may not contribute to this.
» Flanders / Love - Fall 2008 Syllabus
» Flanders / Love - Final Report

Program for Writing and Rhetoric, Rolf Norgaard, "Field Studies in Ethical and Civic Engagement" - Development of a course which will provide students with the tools to "excavate" layers of ethical and civic engagement already at work on the CU campus and in the community. Students will be in the field conducting ethnographies of the ethical and civic and will create a portfolio or magazine for possible wider dissemination and for fundraising.
» Norgaard - Syllabus
» Norgaard - Reading and Mapping Civic Engagement
» Norgaard - Field Studies Report Fall 2008
» Norgaard - Field Studies Report Spring 2009
» Norgaard - Reflection Quotes
» Norgaard - Final Report

Program for Writing and Rhetoric, Michelle Albert, "Citizenship and Civic Engagement" - A re-design of an upper level writing course to include a service learning component in which students work with organizations in the area of public policy and systemic change. The course will also include a comprehensive reflection component.
» Albert - Fall 2008 Syllabus
» Albert - Fall 2008 Volunteer Project Descriptions
» Albert - Civic Engagement Bibliography
» Albert - Summer 2008 Session Report
» Albert - Final Report

School of Journalism and Mass Communication, Kendra Gale, "Workshops in the Pedagogy of Civic Engagement" - Development of a series of faculty teaching workshops designed to broaden faculty understanding of civic engagement options within the context of journalism and mass communication courses and to stimulate more widespread inclusion within existing courses. The goal is to infuse elements of civic engagement into more School of Journalism courses, so multiple courses are offered each semester.  Not implemented

Peace and Conflict Studies, Department of Communication, Guy and Heidi Burgess, "Constructive Conflict: Filing a Gap in the University Curriculum" - This project will create for broad interdisciplinary use, a set of materials that instructors in the university's various problem-solving courses could use to introduce students to the civic conflict problems they are likely to face. The materials will teach students how to identify and evaluate options for dealing with those problems.
» Burgess - Final Report