Course Development and Other Academic Projects: 2007


Course Development and Other Academic Projects:
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The IECE promotes the development of new academic offerings that incorporate ethical inquiry and civic engagement wherever and whenever appropriate. Examples include development of new courses, modification of current courses to include a significant focus on civic engagement and/or ethical inquiry, leadership of group CU-community projects which also meet academic requirements, or workshops for faculty and student development.

Requests for Proposals (RFP) are issued to all faculty including tenured, tenure track, instructors and GPTIs. For the latest RFP click here and for the evaluation process click here.

2007 courses and recipients:

Course Development 2007 - Issued third annual Request for Proposals to faculty for course and other academic program development. Nine proposals were submitted with $55,511 in requests. $28,700 was awarded. The following five projects were selected.

Leeds School of Business, Donna Sockell and Francy Milner, "BCOR 3010: Business Applications of Social Responsibility" - Develop a new required course for all juniors (1,000 students) as part of the Leeds ' Curriculum Emphasis on Social Responsibility program. The course will emphasize individual and organizational responsibility for business behavior in the broader social context.
» Sockell/Milner - Fall 2007 Syllabus
» Final Report IECE

School of Education, Leonard Baca and School of Law, Colene Robinson, "Meeting the Educational Needs of Children in Foster Care Through a Law and Education Collaborative" - The School of Law and School of Education will collaboratively address the educational needs of children and young adults in foster care and special education. Law students and education students, under faculty supervision, will examine the school experiences of Juvenile Law Clinic clients and develop and implement a plan of advocacy with respect to each client's educational needs.  Not implemented.

College of Architecture and Planning, Debra Flanders Cushing and Willem van Vliet, "Engaging the Community in Design: The Implementation of a CU Undergraduate Course Titled "Participatory Community Planning: Designing Outdoor School Environments with Children and Youth"" - This course will provide undergraduate students the necessary skills and experience in design and planning processes with the community. This will be accomplished through a special topics studio/seminar in which enrolled students will have the opportunity to learn about the theoretical and practical aspects of participatory planning and gain hands-on experience facilitating a participatory process in the design and implementation of an outdoor classroom with students at Horizons Alternative School , a K-8 school in Boulder.
» Flanders - Final Report
» Flanders - Fall 2007 Syllabus
» Flanders - Summer 2007 Syllabus

School of Education, Kenneth Howe, "Ethics in Education Curricular" - Revise EDUC 3013 (School and Society), a multi-section class to include a more in-depth exploration of ethics in education and develop a new Masters level course, "Politics, Ethics and Teaching" devoted exclusively to ethics in education.
» Howe - Final Report

School of Law, Amy Schmitz, "Consumer Empowerment Project" - Develop a Consumer Empowerment seminar in which students will explore contracting, consumer protection and dispute resolution issues from legal, theoretical and policy perspectives and utilize this knowledge and understanding to plan and present a 4-6 week series of "life skills" workshops focused on consumer empowerment and dispute resolution issues for adolescents at Heritage House, a group home in Louisville, Colorado.
» Schmitz - Spring 2011 Syllabus
» Schmitz -Savvy Consumer Book
» Schmitz - Final Report
» Schmitz - BCHA Booklet 2011