Course Development and Other Academic Projects: 2006

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The IECE promotes the development of new academic offerings that incorporate ethical inquiry and civic engagement wherever and whenever appropriate. Examples include development of new courses, modification of current courses to include a significant focus on civic engagement and/or ethical inquiry, leadership of group CU-community projects which also meet academic requirements, or workshops for faculty and student development.

Requests for Proposals (RFP) are issued to all faculty including tenured, tenure track, instructors and GPTIs. For the latest RFP click here and for the evaluation process click here.

2006 course and project recipients:

Course Development 2006 - Issued second annual Request for Proposals to faculty for course and other academic program development. Sixteen proposals were submitted with $122,105 in requests and $35,000 available. The following six projects were selected.

INVST Community Studies, Michael Garcia, "Design and teach INVS 1513: Civic Engagement : Doing Democracy in Contemporary Society,"
as part of the Youth Council on Public Policy's two course sequence.
» Garcia Final Report
» Garcia Syllabus Fall 2006

Program for Writing and Rhetoric, Andrea Feldman, "Campus Civic Engagement Projects Focused on Multicultural Issues - Redesign a "Multicultural Rhetorics"
course to include campus civic engagement projects focused on multicultural issues.
» Feldman Syllabus Fall 2006
» Feldman Final Report
» Feldman Policies 2006

School, of Law, Jill Tompkins, "National Tribal Court Clerk Program" - Develop a database and training materials to create an externship program including awarding credit to law students who provide law clerk service to tribal court judges and appellate justices.
» Thompkins Final version guide

Department of Political Science, Vanessa Baird, Michaele Ferguson, David Mapel, "The Diversity, Disagreement and Democracy ("3D") Project" -
Developing a new course to explore these issues with a significant service learning component in which students will facilitate dialogues across campus on difficult issues. This project will work closely with the CU Dialogue Network to train students and instructors in dialogue skills
» Baird and Ferguson - Syllabus
» Baird and Ferguson - Final Report

Sewall Residential Academic Program, Ellen Aiken, Karen Ramirez, "Redesigning CAMW 2001: The American West as a Civic Engagement Course" -
Develop a civic engagement focus in six sections of the interdisciplinary course, CAMW 2001:The American West currently offered in the Sewall Residential Academic Program and which is also the centerpiece of the Sewall Academic Program's curriculum.
* Note: Due to this highly successful course and the work of Professors Ramirez and Aiken, a new one credit civic engagement course will be required of all Sewall Hall students beginning in fall, 2007.
» Aiken/Ramirez - Final IECE Grant Report
» Aiken - Fall 2006 Syllabus
» Aiken - Spring 2007 Syllabus
» Ramirez - Fall 2006 policies
» Ramirez - Spring 2007 Syllabus

Program for Writing and Rhetoric, Christine Macdonald, "Service Learning Course in Grant Writing" -
Re-design WRTG 3020, the Service Learning Course in Grant Writing, in which students are matched with and write grant applications for local non-profits, to include a greater emphasis on the ethical questions that arise in non-profit fundraising and in the field of philanthropy as a whole and strengthen ties between the course and leadership programs currently on campus.
» Macdonald - Final IECE report
» Macdonald - Ethical Inquiry
» Macdonald - Mutual Expectations