Course Development and Other Academic Programs

Course Development and Other Academic Projects:

The IECE promotes the development of new academic offerings that incorporate ethical inquiry and civic engagement wherever and whenever appropriate. Examples include development of new courses, modification of current courses to include a significant focus on civic engagement and/or ethical inquiry, leadership of group CU-community projects which also meet academic requirements, or workshops for faculty and student development.

Requests for Proposals (RFP) are issued to all faculty including tenured, tenure track, instructors and GPTIs.  The IECE will not be issuing an RFP for AY 2013-14.  For the evaluation process click here.


2011 Courses and Recipients

Leeds School of Business, Donna Sockell, IT’S NOT JAM (Just About Me)
An initiative to design and lay the foundation for implementing a service and outreach graduation requirement at the Leeds School of Business, called It’s NOT JAM (Just About Me) -- distinguishing the University of Colorado at Boulder as the only public undergraduate business school of our size to have a service requirement for graduation.
» JAM Final IECE Report

INVST Community Studies, Elaina Verveer, INVS2919: Renewing Democracy in Communities & Schools
A year-long practicum course, INVS2919 advances the mission of both INVST and IECE, as it invites students to apply their learning to the public realm and develop a set of skills that will allow them to act and lead effectively in the world. In addition to engaging in class discussions, course readings, and self-guided research on educational trends, youth empowerment, and education reform, participating undergraduates have the unique opportunity to apply civic engagement concepts and childhood and youth empowerment theory as Public Achievement coaches.
» Verveer - Syllabus

Department of Art and Art History, Richard Saxton, ARTS 4017: Community and Site-based Art Practice, The BASELINE GROUP: Yuma Workshops Phase 2,
Action on the Plains: A Collaborative Art Expo

Support of ARTS 4017: Community and Site-based Art Practice to complete the second large-scale project by the course participants in the Spring/Summer 2011. This project is titled Action on the Plains: A Collaborative Art Expo and will take place in Yuma, Colorado at the end of May 2011.
» Saxton - Syllabus and Final Report

Department of Communication, Matt Koschmann, COMM 3320: Persuasion in Society

A course modification of COMM 3320 course, Persuasion in Society, to make the course more focused on civic engagement and ethical inquiry, and incorporate new documentary films, re-design lecture notes, class activities, assignments and exams.
» Koschmann IECE report-2012
» Koschmann IECE Award Report – 2013
COMM 3320 - Persuasion in Society

Program for Writing and Rhetoric, Matthew Cleveland, WRTG 3030, Writing on Science and Society
Enhance WRTG 3030, a Service-Learning course on sustainable agriculture. . This course is sub-titled “Service Learning for Agricultural Sustainability.” The fundamental purpose of this course is to foster in students critical reflexivity, social and political agency, and professional communication skills in an experiential learning context. Students will conduct fundraising, volunteering, and other relevant experiential activities. Then, synthesizing independent scholarly research and course texts, they will write about, film, and photograph their experiential-learning activities in formal and informal and digital and traditional contexts
» Cleveland - Syllabus
» Cleveland Course Outline WRTG3030 Fall2010 SL AG MW
» Cleveland Course Outline WRTG3030 Fall2011 SL AG
» Cleveland Final Report IECE 2012

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