The Task Before Us

We recognize that establishing ethical and civic engagement as a core value of a university is not a simple process, involving only the introduction of a few new courses or a required reading list. On the contrary, we envision a gradual, sustained effort that includes curricular changes to integrate ethical and civic learning with substantive knowledge and intellectual reasoning more effectively. In addition, we see greater emphasis on ethical and civic engagement through co-curricular activities and greater collaboration with community groups.

This is a complex, though exciting undertaking. Fortunately, activities already under way at the University have provided a starting point. The INVST Communities Studies Program, the Service Learning Center and the Department of Continuing Education's Office of University Outreach are well established. In recent years, we have launched a student-run honor code, the Puksta Scholars Program, and the Colorado Creed. Efforts to promote social responsibility and ethics are under way in the Leeds School of Business, the College of Architecture and Planning, College of Engineering & Applied Science, School of Education, Residential Academic Programs, School of Law and the Program for Writing and Rhetoric.